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With a lawn edger, you can achieve clean and therefore aesthetically pleasing lawn edges, which is essential for a beautiful garden. There are many different types of lawn edgers with different drives. We will introduce you to the varied variants and explain what you should look out for when making a purchase.

The lawn edge cutter is particularly useful in problematic areas

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  1. Types of lawn edgers
  2. Other purchase criteria
  3. What brands are there?
  4. How do I maintain a lawn edger?
  5. What accessories are there?
  6. frequently asked Questions
  7. Types of lawn edgers

    A rough distinction is made between hand-operated and motor-operated lawn edge cutters. These two main groups can each be subdivided into several subspecies.

    Hand-operated lawn edge trimmers at a glance:

    • Rollable lawn edger
    • lawn edger
    • Hand grass shears without battery and handle
    • Hand grass shears without a battery, but with a handle
    • Hand grass shears with battery

    Motorized lawn edge trimmers at a glance:

    • powered lawn edger
    • petrol-powered lawn edger
    • lawn edge trimmer

    In the following we will present the eight variants of edge cutters in more detail.

    Rollable lawn edge cutter in the test

    our recommendation
    WOLF-Garten 71AAA037650 lawn edger Multi-Star RB-M NEW 2022-2023", red 40x15x16 cm
    44.74 EUR To the product

    The rollable lawn edge cutter is one of the products with the simplest handling at a reasonable price. It consists of two parts: a long handle and a "basket" with a serrated knife. This basket is attached in such a way that it can be easily rolled along the edge of the lawn. So as you push the mechanical device in front of you, it cuts off those pesky clumps of grass.

    The disadvantage is that with such a model you normally have no way of setting a specific cutting height. This means that you can only cut away the entire blade of grass and have to be highly concentrated to achieve an even result.

    The advantages and disadvantages at a glance

    • Very simple application
    • Back-friendly
    • noise free
    • Environmentally friendly
    • No maintenance effort
    • Easy cleaning
    • Inexpensive
    • No specific cutting height adjustable
    • High concentration required

    Lawn edger in the test

    our recommendation
    Gardena combisystem Lawn Edger: Practical lawn edger with corrosion-resistant steel blade, garden accessory for cutting off lawn edges, suitable for all cs handles (3149-20)
    19.16 EUR To the product

    If you look at the lawn edging tool for a moment, you might think it is a spade. In fact, the device looks very similar. It consists of a stable handle with a firm grip and a sharp semicircle. The latter serves to cut off the edge of the lawn.

    Similar to the rollable lawn edge cutter, the cutter is cheap, but when working with the device there is always the risk of not only cutting off the lawn edge, but also the roots of flowers and other plants. It is therefore important to act cautiously and cautiously here in order not to cause damage to the roots, which could lead to the death of the plants.

    Also keep in mind that with a digger, absolute precision is generally required in order not to cut the lawn edge crooked and crooked, so that the lawn looks worse afterwards than before. And: cutting off requires a lot of muscle power. You have to put your entire body weight on the trigger - and that's tiring!


    The advantages and disadvantages at a glance

    • noise free
    • Environmentally friendly
    • No maintenance effort
    • Easy cleaning
    • Inexpensive
    • Exhausting
    • Precise work required (for a harmonious cut)
    • Root damage possible

    Hand grass shears without battery and handle in the test

    our recommendation
    WOLF-Garten - Hand Grass Shears Rotatable, Promotion
    10.99 EUR To the product

    The classic hand grass shears without battery and handle is something for tradition-conscious hobby gardeners who are not above gardening. Such scissors usually come with a blade that can be rotated in any direction. This rotatability ensures that both right-handed and left-handed people can work with the device without restrictions.

    Although "good" should be put into perspective here. With hand grass shears, you literally have to get on your knees or bend over to cut. Neither is particularly back-friendly, on the contrary. It is better to only opt for a manual grass shears if lawn edging is a rare occurrence in your garden. And: Cut kneeling, not standing bent over, otherwise you will most likely not get any harmony in your cut.

    The advantages and disadvantages at a glance

    • Traditional
    • Small and handy
    • noise free
    • Environmentally friendly
    • No maintenance effort
    • Easy cleaning
    • Inexpensive
    • back strain
    • Precise work required (for a harmonious cut)

    Hand grass shears without a battery, but with a handle in the test

    our recommendation
    GARDENA Comfort Grass Shears, long-handled: Lawn shears with handle, back-friendly, 180° rotating blade, non-stick coating, comfort handle (12100-20)
    36.89 EUR To the product

    In addition to the traditional grass shears, there are also innovative solutions with a handle. A handle that is 70 to 90 centimeters long is simply attached to the scissors so that you can cut the tufts of grass at the edge of the lawn while standing upright. This is of course good for the back. However, your sense of precision is somewhat limited if you are not directly at the scissors, but direct them from above.

    The advantages and disadvantages at a glance

    • Back-friendly
    • Small and handy
    • noise free
    • Environmentally friendly
    • No maintenance effort
    • Easy cleaning
    • Inexpensive
    • Precise work required (for a harmonious cut)
    • Limited sense of precision due to the distance to the scissors

    Hand grass shears with battery in the test

    our recommendation
    Bosch Home and Garden 0600833102 Grass Shears Set, 3.6 W, 3.6 V, Black, Green
    63.94 EUR To the product

    The battery-powered lawn edge trimmer basically works like a normal hedge trimmer. (24.99€) It has a comfort handle and sharp cutting blades that vibrate quickly against or on top of each other. By slowly moving the battery-powered hand grass shears, you can shorten the grass to the desired length.

    Cordless lawn trimmers are usually "only" equipped with a 3.6 volt battery. This keeps the driving force and maximum operating time within limits. When fully charged, the battery lasts an average of 30 to 45 minutes. Charging on the charger takes about three to five hours. Due to the reduced power, the cutting speed is also relatively slow - and your patience is therefore required.

    We recommend battery-powered lawn shears for areas with smaller lawns. You should also get the lawn mower within eight millimeters of the edge if possible. Otherwise you have to lend a hand twice with the lawn cutter.

    It is advantageous that cordless hand grass shears are often supplied with different cutting blade attachments, so that they can be used flexibly. This means that you can also use cordless lawn trimmers to trim small hedges and shrubs.

    In addition, a battery-powered cutting device gives you complete freedom of movement - without any cable clutter, which is a given with electrically powered versions. With a cordless hand grass shears you can easily get anywhere - and you can not trip, at least not over an annoying cable.


    Conveniently, there are battery-powered hand grass shears, some with a telescopic handle - for those who prefer to cut upright, even if precision is sometimes sacrificed.

    The advantages and disadvantages at a glance

    • Small and handy
    • No cable clutter
    • Full freedom of movement
    • Multifunctional use
    • Also available with telescopic handle
    • Low maintenance
    • low noise
    • Usually short battery operation
    • Low speed and low power (compared to engine-driven devices)
    • Slow cutting speed
    • Often small cutting width

    Electric lawn edger tested

    our recommendation
    Güde, lawn edger, GRKS 1400, alternating current, black-blue, cutting blade: approx. Ø 190 mm / 2 Z, height adjustment: -25 / -31 / -38 mm, rotatable blades, 3 wheels, engine speed: approx. 4,700 rpm
    EUR 79.95 To the product

    This powered lawn edger with guide bar looks a bit like a miniature lawn mower. Its advantages are obvious: Thanks to the power supply from the socket, it is persistent, so you don't necessarily have to rush when cutting (which can be the case with cordless models).

    But: The power cable quickly becomes a tripping hazard if you are not concentrating. In addition, for an electric lawn edge trimmer there must first of all be an easily accessible power connection (or possibly even several, depending on which/how many edges are to be processed). A power-driven cutter is therefore more recommended for smaller or at most medium-sized areas.

    The advantage is that you can usually adjust the cutting width and height individually - using the appropriate adjustability functions (with steps or continuously). Cutting the grass itself is comfortable because you only push the device along the edge. The sharp blades of the lawn edge cutter do the rest. However, the cutter can get quite noisy and take up a lot of space in the shed.

    The advantages and disadvantages at a glance

    • persevering
    • Powerful
    • Adjustable cutting width and height
    • Convenient to use
    • Cable as a tripping hazard
    • Accessible outlet(s) required
    • Consumes a lot of electricity
    • noise intensive
    • Bulky (Storage)

    Gasoline-powered lawn edger tested

    our recommendation
    COSTWAY lawn trimmer 2-stroke petrol 25cc, brush cutter with shoulder strap, lawn edger 800W / 43cm cutting width / 7500 rpm / 500ml oil tank / single line 6m /Φ2mm / with mixing bottle
    98.99 EUR To the product

    The petrol-powered lawn edger is usually the tool of choice for gardeners with a larger lawn. This is primarily due to the high range. You do not need any connections for the edge cutter, it works without a cable. In addition, depending on the tank volume, it lasts for several hours before a refill is needed.

    In terms of performance, the petrol lawn edger knows how to convince, at least if it is a high-quality device. It leads to an accurate cut with a uniform cutting height, which you can define yourself using levels.

    As with electric models, working is extremely pleasant. All you have to do is push the cutter along the edge with its wheels. But: Here, too, the intense volume of sometimes more than 100 decibels is a disadvantage. In addition, a petrol cutter often takes up a lot of storage space in the shed.

    The advantages and disadvantages at a glance

    • Long range thanks to combustion engine
    • High efficiency (high speed)
    • Accurate cut with a uniform cutting height
    • Ergonomic work
    • Very loud
    • Bulky (Storage)
    • Harmful to the environment

    Lawn edge trimmer in the test

    our recommendation
    Black + Decker cordless lawn trimmer (Powercommand EasyFeed, 18V 4.0Ah, incl. battery and charger, 30 cm cutting width, for larger areas) STC1840EPC
    129.99 EUR To the product

    Lawn edge trimmers actually only differ from classic lawn edge cutters by the different cutting element. While the latter work with knife blades, trimmers have a line and line spool made of plastic. They are battery, electricity and petrol operated, so you have a free choice of drive technology.

    Buying a lawn edge trimmer is a sensible decision if you have larger lawns with rather irregular edges to cut in your garden. The device can be used flexibly. Depending on the performance, you can even use it to remove thicker weeds or smaller bushes from the edge of the lawn.

    Just run the trimmer along the edge of the lawn like normal electric and petrol lawn edgers. Ideally, the device comes with a guide wheel. This makes it easier for you to trim the edge evenly. Unfortunately, the noise pollution from grass trimmers is often as high as that from other motor-driven edgers.

    Note: The thread wears out relatively quickly, so you will soon have to buy and thread a replacement. Accordingly, the lawn trimmer (€88.00) requires more maintenance than other devices. This also explains why it usually costs less than an electric or petrol edger with knife blades.

    The advantages and disadvantages at a glance

    • Very powerful
    • Easy to use
    • Ideal for irregular lawn edges
    • Comparatively inexpensive
    • Relatively maintenance-intensive (line spool)
    • Often very noisy (motor driven)
    • High power consumption (electric trimmer)
    • Harmful to the environment (petrol trimmer)

    tip: In addition to lawn edge cutters, which are only intended for this area of application, there are also multifunction devices on the market that combine a lawn mower and an edge cutter, for example. Convenient but expensive!

    Other purchase criteria

    our recommendation
    Güde, lawn edger, GRKS 1400, alternating current, black-blue, cutting blade: approx. Ø 190 mm / 2 Z, height adjustment: -25 / -31 / -38 mm, rotatable blades, 3 wheels, engine speed: approx. 4,700 rpm
    EUR 79.95 To the product

    In order to determine the right lawn edger for your needs, you should think about a few criteria and include them when testing and comparing different models. The most important points are:

    • drive type
    • cutting system
    • power
    • cutting width
    • cutting height
    • volume
    • ergonomics
    • maintenance effort
    • quality
    • Furnishing

    The next paragraphs provide you with details and decision-making aids for the purchase criteria.

    drive type

    The type of drive is the most important criterion. You should address this point first. Ultimately, it depends on the size of your garden which variant is most suitable. For a small lawn, hand grass shears with or without a battery are sufficient. Alternatively, an electric lawn edge cutter or lawn trimmer can also be used in this case - provided you have easily accessible sockets to be able to reach all lawn edges. Large green oases require more power, so buying a lawn edger or grass trimmer with a petrol engine is recommended.

    cutting system

    As far as the cutting system is concerned, a distinction is made between devices with cutting blades (classic lawn edgers) and models with a line spool (lawn trimmer). Both go hand in hand with very good cutting results. The line spool requires more energy and is more prone to wear than the cutting blade, but it is also cheaper.


    Performance features are relevant when you tend to buy a power lawn edger. Pay attention to the speeds. If you want to cut not only medium-high grass with the device, but also weeds and other thicker materials at the edge of the lawn, a high speed of around 9000 revolutions per minute is important. Otherwise, you can also get by with a lawn edge cutter whose speed is (significantly) lower and which logically saves energy.

    The criterion of performance also includes perseverance. A powered lawn edger runs without limit for as long as you need it. It is optimal when you need more than about 30 to 45 minutes to trim the edges. Otherwise, a battery-powered model is sufficient. For large lawns with edges hidden behind bushes or trees, a lawn edge trimmer with a petrol engine makes sense. With an appropriate device you can move freely. The tank usually lasts one to two hours.

    cutting width

    our recommendation
    BRAST lawn edge cutter 1200Watt adjustable edge guide electric grass trimmer electric grass cutter lawn mower
    99.95 EUR To the product

    Lawn edgers have different cutting widths. While the width of smaller cordless lawn trimmers is around eight to ten centimeters, it is often 20 to 30 centimeters for lawn edge cutters and lawn trimmers with electric or petrol engines. To find out which cutting width is optimal for your requirements, simply measure how close you can get to the edges of the lawn with your lawnmower.

    cutting height

    Evenly high lawn edges are essential for a harmonious look, especially on paths and flowerbed borders. With lawn edge trimmers that you roll along on the garden floor, you can conveniently adjust the cutting height or cutting depth either via predefined cutting levels or (rarely) continuously. Grass trimmers without a guide wheel are less comfortable in this respect - you have to rely on your sense of proportion and guide the device along the respective edge in a concentrated manner so that you can achieve a uniform blade length.


    Basically, the more power the lawn edger has, the louder it is. Electric models often annoy you with 100 decibels or more when in operation. Of course, it is advantageous if the volume is lower. Versions with rechargeable batteries and, of course, all hand-operated cutters offer this plus point.


    our recommendation
    Einhell cordless lawn trimmer GC-CT 18/24 Li - Solo Power X-Change (Li-Ion, adjustable telescopic handle and additional handle, Flowerguard, incl. 20 plastic blades, without battery and charger)
    37.99 EUR To the product

    So that you don't get it in your back when cutting lawn edges, you should buy a variant that is convincing in terms of ergonomics. Look for a model with an adjustable telescopic rod that you can precisely adjust to your height. In addition, an ergonomically shaped handpiece is important that lies securely in the hand, is easy to operate and is easy on the joints. Lawn edge trimmers with a foldable handle are practical and space-saving. Pure hand grass shears do not perform well when it comes to ergonomics. With these devices, you usually have to work kneeling and/or bending over, which puts a lot of strain on your back. Also: the lighter the weight of your garden tool, the less tedious the work.

    maintenance effort

    The line of a trimmer wears out relatively quickly and then has to be replaced. For a replacement thread you put down about ten to 20 euros. Before replacement becomes necessary, you must frequently re-tighten the line spool. However, no resharpening is required for this. This measure is regularly required for devices with cutting blades. Logically, lawn edgers with knives only reliably shorten the edges of the lawn if the blades are not blunt. In the case of particularly hard use, the robust blades can also break off.


    In order to buy a high-quality lawn edger, you should opt for a model from a well-known brand if possible. It is also worth reading the reviews of other buyers.


    our recommendation
    Bosch lawn trimmer UniversalGrassCut 18-260 (1 battery, 18 volt system, cutting circle diameter: 26 cm, adjustable handles, in a box)
    111.00 EUR To the product

    Lawn edgers are usually supplied with various accessories. Above all, different handles and attachments are usually included in the scope of delivery. Some models even come with a spare battery or a second thread spool. We recommend that you compare the equipment of the lawn edge cutters you are interested in and, if in doubt, choose a version that is convincing in this respect. Very important: If the lawn edge trimmer has to be assembled before the first use, the tool required for this should be included.

    Here is an overview of potential equipment elements for lawn edgers:

    • Replacement battery (cordless lawn trimmer)
    • second line spool (lawn trimmer)
    • handles
    • replacement blades
    • protective attachment
    • risers (petrol trimmer)

    What brands are there?

    In view of the large number of manufacturers who now produce lawn edge trimmers, it is easy to lose track of which devices are actually of high quality and which are rather negligible. Here are a few brands you can trust:

    • WOLF garden
    • Gardena
    • Bosch
    • unanimously
    • goodness
    • MTD
    • Black+Decker
    • Fiskars
    • Makita
    • Texas
    our recommendation
    Bosch cordless grass shears Isio, battery, charger, grass shear blade, telescopic handle, box (3.6 V, 8 cm blade width)
    EUR 79.95 To the product

    How do I maintain a lawn edger?

    Clean your lawn edging shears after each use. If the lawn is slightly damp, a layer of grass often settles on the underside of the device. This is best removed with a stiff brush. Alternatively, if you are careful, you can use a spatula.

    Screws and joints also need to be cleaned and oiled regularly. If you carry out these measures consistently, you will be able to enjoy your device for longer.


    Store the battery of a battery-operated lawn edger in a frost-free place (not below zero) in winter. In addition, we advise you to only charge the battery up to about 80 or 85 percent. This is how you extend its lifespan.

    With a petrol lawn edge trimmer, you must make sure that you use the right fuel. Most models require a gasoline mixture with suitable 2-stroke engine oil - in a certain ratio. Detailed information can be found in the instructions for use of the device.

    Before using your lawn edger, you should check that all connections are secure and that the protective devices are securely mounted.

    What accessories are there?

    our recommendation
    Black Hammer Safety Boots Mens Waterproof S3 SRC Steel Toe Work Shoes Ankle High Leather Safety Shoes Black Lightweight 1007 (39 EU)
    79.99 EUR To the product

    A lawn edge trimmer may require a number of accessories over time. Exactly which one always depends on the type of device. Some utensils are sometimes already included in the scope of delivery, so that you do not have to buy them separately. Others you may already have for other gardening needs.

    Here is an overview of practical accessories that will become necessary sooner or later:

    • privacy screen
    • ear protection
    • garden gloves
    • safety shoes
    • protective attachment
    • Handle
    • risers (petrol trimmer)
    • cutting knife
    • replacement blades
    • thread (bobbin)
    • Maintenance oil for cutting knives
    • spare battery
    • petrol can
    • 2-stroke engine oil (petrol-powered lawn edgers)

    frequently asked Questions

    What is a lawn edger?

    Lawn edgers help trim lawn edges to the desired height

    A lawn edger is a practical garden tool that you can use to cut lawn edges and edges on beds - i.e. those areas that are difficult or impossible to reach with your lawn mower. With this measure you ensure an all-round beautiful, clean look of your lawn and thus of your entire green oasis. The spectrum of models ranges from small hand-held grass shears to large, lawnmower-like versions with a combustion engine, which you push along the edge of the lawn while standing.

    How does a lawn edger work?

    With spade-like edge cutters and mechanical lawn edge cutters (rollable, hand grass shears without battery), it is your own strength that provides the drive. With the help of the respective cutting element, you can remove the disturbing tufts of grass.

    If, on the other hand, it is a battery, electricity or petrol-powered lawn edge cutter or lawn trimmer, the specific drive causes the existing cutting element (knife or thread) to vibrate and/or rotate, so that you generally only have the task of evenly trimming the lawn edge along. The lawn edger does the cutting.

    How much does a lawn edger cost?

    Depending on the type, range of functions, quality and manufacturer, lawn edge trimmers normally cost between ten (hand-held grass shears) and 600 euros (petrol-powered devices, multifunction devices). A few professional edge cutters even cost four-digit amounts.

    Which safety aspects have to be considered when cutting lawn edges?

    Protective clothing must be worn when using the grass trimmer

    Irrespective of which lawn edger you use: It is essential that you wear protective goggles to protect your eyes from any flying tufts of grass and other greenery. With motorized equipment, you also need hearing protection to avoid damaging your sensitive hearing organ (and to avoid hearing your neighbors' rants… ). Gardening gloves and safety shoes are also recommended for motorized lawn edgers.

    Basically, you should follow the instructions in the instructions for use of your device. It goes without saying that you always have to pull out the mains plug before cleaning and maintaining electric trimmers. Even if you notice that your lawn edge trimmer is not running smoothly, you should switch it off and unplug it if necessary. Never carry out repairs yourself, but have them carried out by a specialist.

    How do I use the lawn edger correctly?

    Always cut the lawn edges BEFORE mowing the lawn. The severed blades of grass end up on the unmown lawn. With the mower you suck up the cut at the same time. If you were to mow first and then cut the edges, you would have to mow again last to read the result of the edge cut. Pointless additional work that you can really save yourself.

    Move the lawn edger evenly along the edge of the lawn to achieve a uniform result.


    If you use a device with an adjustable cutting height, you should always use a higher setting for the first step in order not to overload the cutter and to prolong its service life. In the second step, set your desired cutting height for the edge of the lawn.

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