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If your brushcutter works according to the line cutting system, sooner or later you will have to replace the line head. In our compact article you will find out what is most important when buying a replacement line head for the brushcutter.

The line head needs to be replaced every now and then

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  1. Types of line heads for brushcutters
  2. Other purchase criteria
  3. frequently asked Questions
  4. Types of line heads for brushcutters

    Line heads for brushcutters can be divided into two variants:

    • classic thread head
    • Line head with Tip(p) automatic

    Classic thread head

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    The classic line head consists of line spool and line. If you need to change the thread, you have to wind it up yourself.

    Line head with Tip(p) automatic

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    In principle, a line head with Tip(p) automatic is constructed in the same way as a classic model. But it has a functional extra: To check whether there is still thread inside the head, you only need to tap the brushcutter briefly on the ground while it is in operation. In response to this signal, the spool automatically unwinds new line if possible.

    Other purchase criteria

    Be careful when purchasing a new line head for your brushcutter

    • Accuracy of fit (the line head must fit your device) and
    • Quality (the line head should be made of solid materials and stable).

    frequently asked Questions

    How is the line head of a brush cutter constructed?

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    The line head of a brushcutter consists of two elements:

    • a robust line spool and
    • one or more thin, flexible plastic threads.

    The threads are wound tightly onto the thread spool and protrude on two sides of the thread head.

    How does the line head work on a brushcutter?

    As soon as you start the brush cutter, the line head is set in motion. Due to the rapid rotation and the associated centrifugal force, it pulls the line out of the openings in the line head. The high rotation speed ensures that the thread whips off blades of grass and light bushes.

    When is a trimmer with a line head advantageous?

    When it comes to doing fine trimming work in the garden, a scythe with a string head is the best solution. You can use it to trim lawn edges quickly and reliably.

    The intensively rotating thread effortlessly masters even tight spaces or places that are difficult to access for other reasons. You can even use the brush cutter with line head on walls, fences and in the immediate vicinity of sensitive tree bark. If you accidentally touch one of these "obstacles" with the line while mowing, you will not damage it at all or only minimally - a great advantage over brushcutters with blades.

    Important: The brushcutter with line head cannot cope with dense undergrowth and branches - the cutting power is not sufficient for this. Use a scythe with a knife cutting system for this purpose.

    How do I know that the line head needs to be replaced?

    If the cutting performance drops noticeably, you should take a look at the brushcutter line. It may be torn or simply worn out (only short pieces/stubs can still be seen). This shows you that there is a need for action.

    How do I replace the line head on the brushcutter?

    Replacing the line head is usually very easy

    To replace the line head, simply remove the worn head from the brushcutter and replace with the newly purchased version. Follow the instructions in the user manual for your brushcutter. The exchange is usually simple and can be done quickly.

    But: Normally you don't need to change the entire line head at once. It is usually sufficient to just replace the thread. If the manufacturer of your brushcutter does not offer replacement cutting lines, you cannot avoid replacing the entire head.

    How much does a new trimmer line head cost?

    Usually no more than about ten to 20 euros - depending on the quality and scope (individually versus in a set).

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