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Depending on the variety, beetroot grows as big as a fist or larger. However, it can also be harvested at any time before its final size. But what if the beets don't grow? Find out below why this can be and what to do.

If the beets are too close together, this can have a negative effect on their growth

Beetroot does not sprout

You sowed your beetroot a week ago and you still can't see any green? No panic! Beetroot is a slow germinating vegetable and can take up to two weeks to germinate.


If you want to speed up the germination process, soak the seeds in water overnight before sowing and place your beets in a warm, bright spot.

Beetroot stays small

Your beetroot has sprouted and has a few leaves, but just won't grow any further? Something is wrong here. The beetroot is almost certainly dissatisfied. The lack of growth can have the following causes:

  • The soil lacks nutrients
  • The beetroot is too dark
  • The beetroot is with a neighbor who is not kind to it
  • A vole or other voracious pests secretly feast on the beetroot
  • Beetroot was also grown at the same location last year

What to do if the beetroot does not grow?

First you should check which of the above causes could apply to your case, then it's time to eliminate the problem and stimulate the beetroot to grow.

Nutrients for the beetroot

If the beetroot lacks nutrients, the solution is clear: fertilizer is needed. Beetroot is best grown with compost or with plant manure such as nettle or comfrey manure. You can find out more about fertilizing beetroot here.

Beetroot is dissatisfied with its location

Once you have planted the beetroot too dark and combined it with unfavorable planting neighbors, this is difficult to change. It is best to harvest the mini turnips, process them into a delicious salad and sow them again in a good location.

Pests nibble on the beets

In general, beetroot is rarely attacked by pests. You can prevent voles by combining beetroot with garlic.

Observe crop rotation

Beetroot must never follow beetroot. You should also not sow where there was spinach, rye, orchard or chard the previous year. Pay attention to the crop rotation!

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