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Did you know that beets don't mix well with potatoes? Never plant them together! In the following we will explain to you which neighbors beetroot get along well with and which not and how you can create a good mixed culture for the beetroot.

Beetroot goes well with lettuce and onions

Why pay attention to the mixed culture?

A colorful mixed culture in the bed not only looks better, it also has a beneficial effect on the plants, at least when the right plants are combined. The advantages of a correct mixed culture are:

  • More can be grown in less space
  • The plants are stronger and healthier
  • Pest infestation is reduced
  • The harvest is richer
  • Even the taste can be improved with a good mixed culture

Table of good and bad neighbors for beets

Good neighbors Bad neighbors
savory potatoes
borage carrots
bush beans leek
dill chard
peas Corn
strawberries Parsely
garden cress spinach
cucumbers pole beans
Nasturtium tomatoes
Caraway seed

From weak to heavy consumers

Plants have very different nutrient requirements. They are roughly divided into three categories:

  • weak feeder
  • medium eater
  • heavy feeder

Beetroot is one of the medium feeders, which is important both in crop rotation and in mixed cultivation.


Beetroot in crop rotation

In the 4-year crop rotation cycle, beetroot is grown in the second year after the heavy feeders, together with other medium feeders such as garlic, onions or lettuce. It is worth taking care of the correct crop rotation in order to prevent diseases and pests and to get healthy, high-yielding plants. Find out everything about crop rotation here

Combine beetroot with other medium eaters

In field management, medium-consuming crops are grown together in the second year. This makes sense since they have similar, moderate nutritional requirements. Medium eaters that get along well with beetroot include:

  • salads
  • garlic
  • onions
  • strawberries

On the other hand, they do not get along with the medium-eaters leeks and other turnips.

Combine beetroot with weak eaters

Weak feeders don't take anything away from anyone, so they are well tolerated by most heavy and medium feeders. Possible neighbors for the mixed culture with beetroot:

  • herbs
  • lettuce
  • Lamb's lettuce
  • bush beans

Bush beans are a boon for most heavy and medium consumers, because microorganisms on the roots of the beans form nitrogen and thus also supply the surrounding plants with the important nutrient.

Beets do not go well with spinach.


Find out everything about the cultivation of beetroot here.

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