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As an evergreen plant, bamboo pleases our senses even in winter when summer plants are bare and gray. Although most bamboo species are hardy, there are still some special care tips to ensure that overwintering is a success.

When the outdoor bamboo overwinters as indoor bamboo

Like all plants, bamboos are dormant during the winter months. The bamboo in a pot or as a container plant can be transported from outside to inside as a mobile, green oasis. So that it beautifies the house, apartment or conservatory during the cold season and survives the winter healthy under a roof, you should heed the following location and care instructions:

The temperature in the winter quarters should be between 3 and 7 degrees. Uniform air circulation and humidity are also important. A Flora lamp is sufficient as an additional light source by the hour. Important: The plant does not survive the winter unscathed in heated rooms. Too much heat and dry heating air during the rest phase damage it and it wilts. Although the usual water requirement decreases, the plant must not dry out. Therefore water less but regularly with lime-free water or bamboo water. Make sure that there is no waterlogging in the pot or saucer. And do not fertilize during the winter rest period.

This is how bamboo plants overwinter outdoors

Ideally, one has already paid attention to hardy bamboo varieties when selecting the plants. Whether hardy or not. Whether planted freely or in a tub - so that wintering outside works out, you should prepare plants and location frost-proof:

Depending on the region and temperatures, it makes sense to cover the ground area with straw, reed mats or special fleece and to cover the plants with winter protection. The location should be protected from the wind and the plants should not be exposed to too much winter sun. Direct sunlight can cause burns!

This is how bamboos overwinter in pots or tubs

To prevent the planters and root balls from freezing, pack them with heat-insulating materials such as styrofoam or place them in styrofoam boxes. In addition, wrap the plants themselves with fleece or bubble wrap. Overwinter bamboo plants in a container under a roof during permafrost.
Don't forget to water your bamboo plants on frost-free days. Make sure that the root area neither dries out nor becomes waterlogged and does not freeze! Otherwise the roots will dry up and die.

tips and tricks

Heating cables, heating rods or heating plates can prevent the root ball from freezing through in permafrost. Boxes with an interior lining made of Styrofoam have also proven themselves in practice as additional protection against the cold.

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