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Gardeners and hobby gardeners use different ways to propagate bamboo plants. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, it is important to choose the right one according to your own needs. Multiply bamboo - all options at a glance:

  • rhizome propagation
  • propagation by division
  • propagation by cuttings
  • Propagation by seed
  • meristem proliferation

Multiply bamboo - from 1 make 2 and more

If you want several bamboo plants quickly, you have to multiply them with rhizomes or divide the root ball. These are the two easiest and most proven methods for hobby gardeners to immediately obtain full-fledged bamboo plants identical to the mother plant.

Whether rhizome propagation or division - important in advance: Start your project at the right time and with the ideal weather. Multiply, divide or transplant the bamboo either in March or in late summer. New stalks grow from April to June and the roots should not be disturbed. As a precaution, wear protective clothing and safety glasses when working.

A cloudy, damp day is recommended for propagation, professional division or also containment. Ideally after a rain shower when the soil is moist and loose.

Propagating bamboo by rhizomes

Bamboo plants reproduce predominantly vegetatively by spreading the root system in the soil. This enables rooted rhizome pieces to be separated, which serve as starting material for new bamboo plants. To do this, partially dig up the bamboo or expose individual rhizomes and remove them from the bamboo. Proceed as follows:

  • Remove soil from rhizomes
  • Separate young bamboo shoots individually
  • Let the cut dry for a day

Then simply keep the bamboo shoots slightly moist in the loose, sandy soil and let them drift. Also works in the pot. Important: do not use peat! This one is too acidic.

Propagating bamboo by dividing

You can propagate the garden bamboo Fargesia as a clump-forming bamboo species by dividing the root ball. Water the root ball first. Then continue with the following steps:

  • tie the plant together
  • Divide the root ball several times with a sharp spade
  • Immediately cover separated root pieces with moist potting soil
  • plant in the prepared location

Propagating bamboo by cuttings

Only works on some tropical bamboo species when root buds are present in the axillary buds. Bamboos in temperate latitudes do not have this special bamboo property.

Propagating bamboo from seed requires patience

Some types of bamboo bloom only every 80 to 120 years. Others bloom more often, but after the bamboo blooms, they only produce a few germinable seeds. The bred offspring often differ in growth and color from the mother plant.

Bamboo from meristem propagation

Plant tissue or meristem propagation is only possible in the laboratory. It is suitable for bamboo growers to obtain a variety of bamboo plants inexpensively in a short period of time.

tips and tricks

Be careful when buying bamboo! Many bamboo plants from meristem propagation develop different characteristics than the mother plant. Therefore only buy if the mother plant can be viewed.

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