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Asparagus is the noble vegetable par excellence. Due to its short season, asparagus is not cheap. So why not grow asparagus yourself? Those who don't shy away from the effort can harvest their own asparagus for many years.

Which location does asparagus prefer?

Choose a location that is as sunny as possible to create an asparagus bed.

What does the floor have to be like?

For white asparagus, the soil must be loose and sandy. Above-ground varieties also grow in loamy soil. The soil needs to be improved with lots of fertilizer.

How is asparagus sown?

Sowing takes place in the spring directly in the propagation bed outdoors. The seed is previously placed in warm water for two days.

Is asparagus preferred?

For growing asparagus, the plants can be grown indoors in small pots. The previously watered seeds are sown from April.

How is asparagus planted?

  • Create rows in the prepared soil
  • Dig 30 cm deep grooves
  • Use asparagus plants with outspread roots
  • Cover with soil
  • For white asparagus in the second year, fill up the earth wall

How far apart is it planted out?

The row spacing should be at least 80 centimetres, with a spacing of 40 centimeters between the plants being ideal.

Does asparagus need to be transplanted?

The preferred asparagus plants are first cultivated at a distance of ten to 20 centimeters for one year in an extra bed. In the second year they come to their final location.

How is asparagus propagated?

Propagation is via seeds obtained from female plants.

When is the best planting time?

Asparagus is planted in spring at its final destination outdoors.

How difficult is asparagus care?

Asparagus must be regularly weeded. You have to fertilize the asparagus several times. The asparagus weed should be removed in autumn.

When is asparagus harvested?

Asparagus is only harvested from the third year. In the second year after planting, you may prick one spear of asparagus per plant.

How long is the harvest season?

The harvest season starts in mid to late April, depending on the weather conditions. The asparagus season traditionally ends on June 24th to give the plants a break.

Can the harvest time be brought forward?

By covering the asparagus bed with fleece or foil, higher soil temperatures can be achieved. The asparagus can then be harvested earlier, but no longer.

Is asparagus poisonous?

Although asparagus is one of the poisonous plants, only the berries are slightly poisonous. They are formed after flowering in late summer.

Can dogs eat asparagus?

Yes, asparagus does not harm dogs. It can be given both raw and cooked.

tips and tricks

Asparagus is not only very tasty, but also healthy. In addition to minerals, the king vegetable contains asparagine. The substance has a diuretic effect and is therefore suitable for bladder problems.

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