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Strictly speaking, the term "breeding" means developing new varieties. In general, however, "to breed" is used as a synonym for "to grow". In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about growing onions.

Onion sets or seeds?

The onion set is more suitable for faster harvesting success. You put them in the ground in autumn (winter onion sets) or in spring (summer onion sets) and let them grow. Depending on the variety, it is harvested about 4-6 months after sticking. Onions grown from seeds take a little longer to ripen. But these are better suited for storage.

Which location is preferred?

A sunny, airy spot in the garden ensures good yields. The soil should be permeable and weed-free. The beds for sticking or sowing in spring should be dug up with compost in autumn. Adding fresh organic fertilizer just before planting is not recommended.

When is the right time to plant?

Planting the bulbs for the spring harvest can be done from August to October, for the autumn harvest around March-April. From the end of March, the onion seeds are also sown. You can grow the seeds as early as February on the windowsill or in the greenhouse so that the seedlings can go outside in March-April.

When is harvested?

If the weather conditions are favourable, the winter onion sets are ready to harvest as early as May. The summer onion set harvest begins in July. The sown onions are harvested between August and October. You can recognize a ripe onion when its leeks turn yellow and snap off.

How do you propagate the onions?

You propagate the bulbs by allowing a few plants to flower and allowing the seed pod to dry. The seeds remain viable for about three years. Another option is to grow onion sets from seeds. To do this, sow the seeds closely and harvest the onions as soon as they have reached the size of a hazelnut.

tips and tricks

If you combine the planting of the onions in autumn and spring with the onion sowing, you have fresh onions from your own garden available practically all year round.

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