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You think planting asparagus in your own garden is not worth it? It is true that growing and caring for asparagus is expensive. You can harvest fresh asparagus from your own bed for up to ten years.

Conditions for growing asparagus in the garden

If you want to plant asparagus yourself, you need space. This applies to green and white asparagus.

Growing asparagus is labor intensive. If you don't have much time, plant the undemanding, easy-care green asparagus.

The right location

Asparagus loves a sunny spot. The asparagus bed should always run from north to south. This means that all plants get the same amount of sunlight.

White asparagus needs sandy, well-drained soil. Green asparagus also gets along well with loamy soils.

Bed preparation - the be-all and end-all of asparagus cultivation

The final asparagus bed must be thoroughly prepared. In the previous year, a green manure helps to improve the soil.

The soil is enriched with a lot of mature compost or mature stable manure. For this purpose, rows with a depth of 40 centimeters are excavated at a distance of 80 centimeters. The fertilizer material is scattered in thick layers and covered with soil. The roots of the asparagus must not come into contact with the fertilizer.

plant asparagus

The asparagus plants grown from seed or bought have formed a spider-like root system. The roots are spread out on the ground. Place the plants at least 40 centimeters apart in the soil so that the plant is completely covered by soil.

The wall, which is necessary for white asparagus, is only piled up over the rows in the second year of planting. For this purpose, good potting soil is applied up to a height of 30 centimeters and tapped firmly.

No wall is necessary for the asparagus varieties that grow above ground.

Cultivate asparagus

Asparagus beds must be kept weed-free and fertilized regularly. Watering is not necessary because the asparagus stores enough moisture under the earth wall.

To harvest

Asparagus is not harvested in the first two years. At most, you may prick one spear of asparagus per plant in the second year. From the third year, the harvest time lasts from mid-April to June 24, depending on the weather.

Care after the asparagus season

After the asparagus season, remove the weeds. Fertilizer needs to be given once or twice.

The asparagus herb must be checked regularly for pests. Asparagus beetles are collected. Powdery mildew and other fungal diseases can also occur.

In autumn, the asparagus is cut off just above the ground and disposed of. To keep pests away, the herb should not be placed on the compost.

This is how asparagus cultivation succeeds

  • Choose a good location
  • Create nutrient-rich soil
  • Insert plants carefully
  • piling up the earth wall
  • Harvest regularly from the third year
  • Fertilize regularly and check for pests

tips and tricks

When buying seeds or plants, look for robust asparagus varieties. They survive pest infestation more easily and are resistant to powdery mildew.

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