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Although it is not particularly likely that ripe fruit will grow from home-grown avocados under Central European climatic conditions, the cultivation of the tropical plant can still be worthwhile. With its elliptical, up to 15 centimeters long and dark green leaves, the avocado plant looks very special and is a real gem for every living room or conservatory.

Multiply the avocado from the seed core

The easiest way to propagate an avocado is from the seed. There are two methods: In the more common water method, the core is first placed in a glass of water to form roots before it is planted in suitable soil. But the second method also promises good results: put the core in a flower pot filled with soil and keep the substrate evenly moist. However, do not lose patience: Depending on the type and size of the stone, an avocado needs several weeks to months before the first tender shoots can be seen.

Grow an avocado plant from a cutting

Raising an avocado from a cutting is unusual, but still possible. Avocados should be topped regularly so that they branch out and form a lush bush. However, you do not have to throw away the cut top, you can use it to breed another sapling. But you need a lot of patience for this, because propagation via a cutting takes longer than that via the seed core. In addition, this method is more complicated.

How to grow a plant from a cutting:

  • Choose a shoot from an older, preferably already woody avocado
  • Renew water regularly
  • Occasionally enrich the water with an auxin mixture
  • Pot the cuttings in suitable soil as soon as roots have formed
  • have a lot of patience

Root the cuttings in a water bath

To do this, place the cutting in a glass filled with stale, room-warm water and place it in a bright, sheltered location. Be sure to change the water regularly and to add a few drops of an auxin mix (plant growth hormones enriched with vitamins and available at any horticultural center) from time to time. It can take a few months for the first roots to form.

tips and tricks

The auxin mixture ensures that the cutting receives enough nutrients and does not shed its leaves. They are also known as "Wurzel Treibfix" and can easily be made by yourself. To do this, dissolve 1 g of indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) in acetone and fill up the mixture with two liters of water. Ready!

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