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In autumn you spend all day in the garden, raking, gathering and toiling. The next morning, however, there is nothing left of your work. When the trees shed their leaves, the foliage takes on amazing proportions. Soon all the garden bags will be filled. Tips on collecting the leaves, why it is urgent and how to properly dispose of your leaves afterwards can be found on this page.

In late autumn, the foliage should be left for animals to hibernate

Remove foliage or not?


  • Use foliage as a natural fertilizer
  • Use foliage as frost protection
  • Shelter for hedgehogs and beneficial insects


  • Danger of slipping for passers-by
  • Water and air removal for the underlying floor

Here you need to remove the foliage

If you look at the two contra-arguments, it becomes clear where you absolutely have to remove the leaves. For one thing, you are legally required to clear the sidewalk (sometimes the street) in front of your property of leaves. If you neglect this obligation and there is personal injury or damage to property, your insurance company will not cover the costs. The exact regulations vary from municipality to municipality. The best thing to do is to check with your local authority and take a look at the tips in this guide.
It is in your own interest to remove the leaves from the lawn. Unlike plants, grass does not need winter protection. On the contrary, sufficient light and oxygen are essential to prevent brown spots from appearing on the lawn in spring.


Many gardeners would prefer to avoid picking up leaves, believing that it takes a lot of time and effort. This need not be. Under the following links you can find out how well the respective methods have proven themselves:

  • Remove leaves with the lawn tractor
  • collect leaves
  • sweeping leaves
  • raking leaves

If you not only want to remove leaves from your lawn, but also from gravel beds, you will find helpful tips here.

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