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What to do with all the masses of leaves that fall from the trees in autumn? The correct disposal should not happen indiscriminately, but is even subject to legal regulations. This guide tells you how to get rid of your autumn leaves properly and conveniently at the same time.

Mixed with other organic waste, leaves can be composted

disposal options

  • Dispose of leaves in the bio bin
  • Have leaves picked up
  • compost foliage
  • burn foliage

Dispose of leaves in the bio bin

You probably don't use aggressive sprays in your home garden, so your leaf waste is purely natural. You can therefore dispose of the leaves in the organic waste bin. Place the leaves in organic garbage bags, being careful not to over-stuff them. Contained branches can cause cracks in the plastic. Therefore, it makes sense to shred the leaves beforehand.

have foliage picked up

Of course, leaf debris isn't the only garbage that accumulates in a week. Together with the household waste, the bio bin is quickly overflowing. Most often, the municipality will come to your aid by placing roadside bins during peak leaf fall season.

compost foliage

While discarding seems the most sensible option, storing some of the leaves in the compost can be useful. The foliage decomposes over time. Small animals convert it into organic matter, which is ideal for fertilizing plants. Keep in mind, however, that your compost pile should be no more than 20% foliage, that you need to protect the leaves from moisture, and that not all types of foliage are suitable for composting. The walnut, for example, contains toxic tannic acid. You can read even more information worth knowing about composting leaves in this guide.

burn foliage

It used to be customary to burn your green waste and leaf waste on certain days. Today this is largely forbidden for environmental reasons. So you can't just start a fire in your garden, no matter how small the pile. Burning leaves is only permitted in very rare cases. But even then, firing is subject to strict regulations. Therefore, inquire extensively. Basic regulations can be found on this page.

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