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Experienced gardeners know that onions that are not harvested too early and are well dried can be stored longer. Sometimes we lack patience, sometimes the weather doesn't really cooperate. Nevertheless, the following steps should be followed:

First dry the onions on the bed

After harvesting, the bulbs are best left to air dry until the foliage has finally died. In sunny weather, simply spread the harvested onions out on the bed and leave them there for 1-2 weeks. If it rains, drying should take place under a roof. Too much moisture softens the tuber, too much sun causes the skin to burst.

Continue drying the onions hanging

The dry leaves are ideal for hanging the bulbs in bundles at an airy height (e.g. under the shed roof) to dry them for final storage. If you have the time and leisure, you can use the leaves to braid long braids out of onions. In this way - braided or bundled - the bulbs can also overwinter hanging in a frost-free, cool and dry place.

Store onions in a cool, dry place

Ripe onions are round and firm, with a smooth, shiny and dry skin that rustles when touched. The bulbs can be stored hanging in a shed, garage or unheated basement. If you keep the onions in boxes or other containers lying flat, these should be air-permeable and dry.

The onions don't belong in the fridge because they don't get the moisture. They start to sprout or mold. Such tubers are no longer suitable for consumption. In the kitchen, onions are best kept in linen bags or clay pots. The cut onion can be kept in the fridge cut side down for a short time.

tips and tricks

If you don't have any nets at hand, you can also put the onions in the old nylon stockings, tie them up at the opening and hang them up. In this way, discarded items of laundry are put to good use.

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