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An experienced gardener prefers his own pansies. It doesn't take a lot of effort to do this, but the result is all the more remarkable: the pansies you've grown yourself are more robust than the plants you bought. They also bloom longer and more luxuriantly.

If the pansies are sown by June, the viola will already show their first flowers in autumn

You can already sow the pansies in the summer of the previous year, so that next spring the brightly colored flowers will decorate the garden and balcony. If you manage to sow by the end of June, you can already count on the flowers in autumn. If the seeds are planted in August/September, the plants will flower in the spring of the following year. You can also bring the pansies for the summer flowering indoors in the winter.

seed and location

Since most pansy cultivars are F1 hybrids, purchased plants are hardly suitable for seed production. However, there is such a large selection of varieties of garden pansies and horned violets on the market that deciding on a specific color is not easy:

  • Classic colors: white, yellow or violet,
  • Strong colors: brown-red, midnight blue or orange,
  • Pastel colors: pink, light blue, vanilla,
  • spotted, striped, mottled, bordered, filled,
  • with or without a black eye in the middle.

For sowing, the location should not be chosen too sunny. A nutrient-rich garden soil is suitable as soil. The germination period is about two weeks.


When sowing, it should be noted that the pansies are dark germs. A shady spot is ideal. Cover the seeds lightly with soil and keep the soil evenly moist. The seedlings can be separated about 4 to 6 weeks after sowing. When the plants are about 5 cm tall, they can be transplanted to their permanent location in the garden.

tips and tricks

With time-delayed multiple sowing, you can ensure that the pansies bloom uninterruptedly in your garden or on the balcony from April to October.

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