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The Christmas rose does not like transplanting to another place very much. Often it does not grow at the new location or it does not form flowers. Therefore, before planting the snow rose or Christmas rose, think carefully about whether the chosen location is favorable.

Christmas roses do not like relocation and do not tolerate transplanting well

Avoid transplanting if possible

If the Christmas rose is in a favorable location, it can become many years old there.

Since they do not cope very well with new site conditions, you should only move Christmas roses if it is absolutely necessary.

At the new location, there is a great danger that the snow rose will not grow. The main reason for this is that it is difficult to dig up the root ball as completely as possible.

The best time for transplanting

If you can't avoid it, transplant Christmas roses in the fall. But it can still be transplanted in the spring. Do not move the plant if it has already formed flowers.

Prepare the new planting hole as follows:

  • Dig a deep hole
  • loosen soil
  • Fill in compost

Dig up Christmas rose

The root system of the Christmas rose, as the Christmas rose is also called, is not very wide but quite deep. The more roots you cut off when digging up, the worse the plant will grow later.

Poke the ground around the plant as deeply as possible with the digging fork.

Loosen the soil by gently rocking the digging fork back and forth. Then the Christmas rose with the roots can be lifted more easily from the ground.

Plant snow rose again

Then plant the Christmas rose in the new planting hole with as much soil as possible from the previous location.

Christmas roses should only be planted so deep that the root ball just ends with the surface of the earth.

Fill in new soil loosely and do not tread on the ground too hard. Then it will be easier for the roots to spread. It also prevents the soil from becoming too solid.

tips and tricks

If you want to multiply your Christmas rose, transplanting is a good idea. Since you have to dig up the snow rose anyway, you can prick it in two with a spade and gain new plants.

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