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The camellia is not exactly easy to care for, but it is very decorative during its flowering period. It is very sensitive when young, later it can be planted in the garden or kept on the balcony, at least in mild regions.

Camellias only survive a winter in warm climates

Do I have to plant a camellia?

A camellia is often sold flowering in a pot, but it is not a good houseplant. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to plant this flower in the garden. However, it is not really hardy and will not survive long cold winters without shelter. If you have an unheated conservatory, this is an almost ideal place for your camellia. It prefers rather cool temperatures.

When should I plant my camellia?

Wait until your camellia is a little more robust before planting. Then it tolerates light frost or direct sunlight a little better. It should therefore be about three to four years old. The time just after flowering, before the camellia invests its energy in root growth and bud formation, has proven to be particularly favorable.

Where is the best place to plant a camellia?

Choosing the right spot for the camellia is extremely important because if it isn't feeling well, it won't bloom. It needs a lot of light to bloom lushly. in summer, however, it does not tolerate the hot midday sun. Then your camellia can dry up, as well as from the morning winter sun. When planting, place your camellia in a light shaded spot.

Planting step by step:

  • find a suitable location
  • Planting possible in spring and autumn
  • ideally plant out shortly after flowering
  • dig a sufficiently large planting hole
  • fill in some rhododendron soil
  • insert plant
  • fill up the hole
  • press down the earth
  • Water the camellia well


The best time to plant out is just after flowering, before your camellia's root growth begins. Then the plant takes the least damage and takes root well until winter.

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