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An irrigation system for the flower pot on the windowsill at home can be useful not only during a shorter or longer absence. Many a pot gardener has little time, is very busy with work or family - and therefore tends to forget to water. So that this doesn't happen and you still don't have to do without fresh greenery in the apartment and on the balcony, you can use various irrigation systems.

Watering with PET bottles is easy and free

Best practices for watering potted plants

If you don't want to resort to complicated irrigation systems that work with a pump and water connection, you can choose from numerous non-electric methods. These are either cheaply available in well-stocked specialist shops or can be built yourself with just a few materials.

Planters with water reservoir

It is prudent to think about a possible holiday and the associated watering problems when planting. If possible, buy planters with a water reservoir, even if they are expensive. They save you a lot of time, you only have to refill the reservoir regularly. However, these vessels are only suitable if a few days have to be bridged. For a longer summer vacation, you need additional watering.

Irrigation balls / cones

This can be done with the help of irrigation balls or cones. Irrigation balls, for example, are made of glass and are in one piece. You fill the upper spherical part with water and simply insert the rod into the plant pot. The water will gradually ooze out of the carboy. Irrigation cones, on the other hand, are made of plastic or clay, and they also work a little differently: you always need an external water container from which the water runs into the cone and from there it is released to the plant. The container is either screwed directly onto the cone or connected to it via a thin hose.

Irrigation with PET bottles

The irrigation cones have proven their worth above all in connection with a PET or glass bottle, onto which they are screwed and finally inserted into the substrate. In order for the system to work, the soil must be well watered beforehand - otherwise the bottle empties very quickly.

More tips for watering potted plants

You can also prevent your potted plants from drying out prematurely by

  • mix the plant substrate with clay beads (€22.65) / perlite (€37.51).
  • Clay holds more water than plain soil and therefore keeps the substrate moist
  • mulch the plants in the pot, for example with sheep's wool (also available in pellet form)


If you like to grow your plants on the windowsill in spring or grow offshoots, you can provide them with sufficient water in this way: Cut a PET bottle cleanly in half and close the upper part tightly with the perforated screw cap. You fill the plant substrate into this and place the young plant in it. The lower part of the bottle is filled about two thirds with water. Now put the upper part in the lower part and go on vacation with confidence.

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