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There are different reasons to cover a bed. So it makes sense to protect sensitive seedlings or plants from late frosts with a cover. However, it is often necessary to prevent weeds from growing uncontrollably there.

Cover fleece protects plants from late frost

When should I cover a bed?

If you planted vegetables in the garden early on or your berry bushes bloom early in the year, then it is advisable to cover them before the onset of the ice saints or late frosts. Plant fleece or a transparent film are suitable for this. In this way you can prevent losses in the berry harvest or bring forward the growing season for your vegetables a little.

The use of weed cloth is always recommended when you have little time for gardening but want to keep a larger area weed-free. Decorative bed covers such as gravel, bark mulch or ground-covering plants are suitable for an individual garden design. You can use these according to your preferences. You can find gravel and bark mulch in different colors on the market.

What can I cover a bed with?

The material for covering depends on the sense and purpose of your project. Should young plants be protected from late frosts, tomatoes from rain or berries from birds? For these purposes there is special fleece or nets that you can pull over your berry bushes.

Do you want to prevent "weeds" from growing on your bed? A so-called root protection film can help here, also commercially available under the name weed fabric. Tree nurseries and horticultural companies have been using this film for a long time, and now it is also being used in private gardens. It is tear-resistant, water-permeable, weather-resistant and environmentally friendly.

The film is fairly easy to install, but should be weighted down with stones or have a helper hold it to prevent it from being blown away by the wind. Holes are cut into the foil for existing plants on the bed to be covered. After laying, the foil is covered with gravel or bark mulch and the bed edging is designed.

How to lay weed fabric:

  • Lay out the foil and weigh it down
  • Cut out holes for existing plantings
  • Cut out holes for planned planting
  • Set and water plants
  • Place edging stones or bed edging
  • Clamp the foil underneath
  • Cover the bed with bark mulch or gravel


You can use bed covers as appropriate or as a decorative element.

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