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Basically, you can set up the fireplace anywhere there is a small, fortified place and there are no flammable objects in the immediate vicinity. Such a place does not necessarily have to be in the middle of the garden or at the edge of it, because a cozy fire can also be lit on the terrace.

Fire bowls are ideal for the terrace

Suitable fireplaces for the terrace

On the terrace, however, you cannot simply light a simple campfire on the terrace floor, for obvious reasons: it would take you very badly for such treatment. Ergo, the fire should always be in a fireproof container. Nevertheless, the terrace floor itself must be fireproof or the fireplace must be located on such a base. Even flying sparks should not immediately set furniture or wooden floors on fire.

Fire baskets and fire bowls

So-called fire baskets made of iron or fire bowls are very well suited for the terrace, and even an old car wheel rim can be quickly converted into a fireproof container. These open jars make it easier for you to dispose of the ashes and also stay dry when not in use by simply turning them over. Place the logs that have been stored in the trough, whereby you must not burn fresh wood or even garden or kitchen waste - this quickly leads to nasty arguments with the neighbors because of the resulting smoke. Also, do not dispose of the ashes the next morning, as they are often still hot and you will burn your fingers.

Barbecue or garden fireplace

Instead of an open fireplace, a barbecue or garden fireplace made of clinker or fireclay bricks can also be used on the terrace. Various models are commercially available as a ready-made kit. Fireplaces with a classic, cuboid combustion chamber usually have insert strips for a grill grate. The first embers can be used to grill a steak or freshly caught fish.

swivel grill

A swivel grill can not only be used for grilling, but also as a fireplace. You can light the fire in the early afternoon, then the wood has time to develop the right embers. Then swivel the grill grate over it if necessary and place meat and fish on it. Baked potatoes in foil cook between the coals and everyone holds their stick bread over the fire.

Seating around the fire pit

Seating around an open fire should always be placed at a sufficient distance so that clothing and people are not damaged by the flying sparks. Conventional chairs and benches are suitable, but you can also get creative and offer, for example, wooden stumps, whole tree trunks or even large boulders.


In contrast to a real campfire, you do not need any official approval for a fixed fire pit on the terrace. Nevertheless, you should talk to your neighbors and position the fire in such a way that smoke and grilling smells do not bother the people living next to you.

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