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The lawn is mowed, the weather is ideal for scarifying and then the engine won't start. Don't just throw in the towel and let moss and weeds rule the lawn. This guide will familiarize you with common causes and give practical tips for solving them. This is to be done if the scarifier does not start.

There can be various reasons if the scarifier does not start

Most common cause: empty tank or no electricity

The scarifier (€84.00) does the hard work when it combs out moss, weeds and thatch. Fuel consumption is underestimated on petrol-powered devices. First take a look in the tank to top up with fresh fuel if necessary.

If an electric scarifier refuses to work, the power connection is often interrupted. Check that both plugs are securely plugged into the socket and into the scarifier. Lightweight electric scarifiers bounce on hard ground, causing the cable to become loose at one end and the engine to stall and not start. Reconnect and place a small sandbag on top of the device to stabilize it.

Dirty spark plug prevents engine from starting - what to do

Scarifiers with petrol engines are the power packs among the device types. The high performance goes hand in hand with a high level of contamination on the spark plug. If you can rule out a lack of fuel as the cause, subject the spark plug to a thorough inspection in order to clean it if necessary. How to do it right:

  • Pull spark plug connector
  • Unscrew the spark plug manually or with a spark plug wrench
  • Brush all contacts and clean with a dry cloth
  • Reinsert the spark plug together with the connector
  • Replace a completely sooty spark plug with a new one
  • Renew candle with cracks in the porcelain

Servicing the spark plug is a good time to check the air filter. Simply knock out a paper filter or clean it with compressed air. Foam filters can be washed out with water and dish soap, allowed to dry and then reinstalled.


Gardeners with a small lawn save themselves the hassle of a failing engine and scarify by hand. This is easy on the household budget and has a high fitness effect. If the blades are sharpened regularly, the work is less of a hassle.

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