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Just as any natural village pond regenerates itself, so does your garden pond when the water turns green. A bit of patience is called for here, maybe some changes in the planting or fast-growing hedges to provide additional shade on the bank.

Cloudy water is often due to algae

Discolored or even dark green water is one of the most unpleasant problems, which annoys many pond owners extremely, but also allows them to take measures that are actually not necessary at all if they were just a little patient. Chemical repellents, it should be said right away, can ensure clear pond water for a short time, but they do not eliminate the actual cause. So: What could it be?

  • unfilterable floating algae that float freely in the water and multiply explosively;
  • a partial water change has just been carried out, so your pool water is extremely nutritious;
  • most of the pool is exposed to strong sunlight, which accelerates the growth of algae and ensures green water in the garden pond;
  • Your pond water values are outside the norm - take a look at our overview;
  • the fish stock is disproportionately high in relation to the amount of water, maybe too much is being fed?


Cloudy or green water in the garden pond can also be the result of insufficient planting. In this case, use some fast-growing plants as a biological nutrient filter that will slow down the development of algae.

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