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A garden pond made of natural stones is easy to build and often cheaper than a prefabricated plastic pool. Laid out as a rustic raised bed, it looks particularly good on small plots of land and can be planted very naturally, even with tall plants.

A garden pond made of stones looks beautifully natural

Outer walls made of natural stone are a popular and particularly visually impressive design solution for ponds with shallow water, which are sometimes even laid out like raised beds. The advantage, especially for small gardens with unfavorable soils: there is no need to dig a large excavation pit, often a shaft depth of 20 to 30 cm is sufficient.

Construction of the natural stone pond

If the widest possible stones are used in the lowest load-bearing layer, the entire building will have the necessary stability, so that the height from the ground to the upper edge can be around 50 cm. Therefore, you do not need cement for the construction, as the stones are simply stacked on top of each other. There should be three to a maximum of six layers. If necessary, each individual layer can be consolidated with a little sand in the spaces between the stone slabs.

Line the stone wall with foil

After the desired height has been reached, the stone edges on the inside are softened by padding with earth at particularly protruding points in order to prevent later damage from tears in the foil. For the interior paneling that follows, you will need a 31.18 m2 large PVC film (544 x 736 cm) with a thickness of one millimeter for a pond size of 400 x 600 x 60 cm.

For reasons of stability, a protective fleece (thickness: 1mm, material strength: 300 g/m2) should be laid out on the pond floor. The initially overhanging edge of the foil was estimated at 60 cm/side.

Foil requirements for other pond sizes

  • 300 by 200 by 50 cm: 10.25 m2 (442 by 352 cm);
  • 600 by 600 by 50 cm: 44.67 m2 (731 by 7.31 cm);
  • 1,000 ma 600 by 60 cm: 69.59 m2 (1,130 by 736 cm);

Fill the natural stone pond with water

The pool is first submerged to such an extent that the foil lies tautly on the floor and the pond is a quarter full. Any leaks on the underside would now be visible. If everything is tight, cut the foil back to an overhang of 30 cm at the side, roll it inwards and place a finishing layer with stones on top.


If the stones are skilfully layered on top of each other, there are also sufficiently large niches in the interior for later planting, which therefore looks particularly natural.

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