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Transplanting a monkey tree outdoors should only be considered in emergencies. It is better to pay attention to a favorable location when planting. If you keep an Araucaria in a bucket, you will have to repot the tree occasionally. Tips for transplanting and repotting.

Large monkey trees are better not to be transplanted

Reasons for transplanting a monkey tree

The monkey tree needs a favorable location if it is to thrive outdoors. If it is in a bad place, it can make sense to transplant it.

A favorable location offers the following conditions:

  • enough space
  • permeable substrate
  • lots of light
  • Protection from severe frosts

If these requirements cannot be met, it is better to transplant it. This is especially true if the previous location is too dark or there is a risk of waterlogging.

When is the best time to transplant?

The Araucaria is a heat-loving conifer. Transplanting should therefore never be undertaken when it is too cold. It is best to transplant the monkey tree in early summer or early autumn.

This is how it is transplanted

  • Dig a new planting hole
  • mix in sand or gravel if necessary
  • Dig up Araucaria generously
  • place in the new planting hole
  • Gently press down on the soil
  • Water the monkey tree well

Do not forget to water the monkey tree well after transplanting, without developing standing water. In the initial period after that, you should water it regularly to prevent the needles from turning brown.

When do you have to repot a monkey tree in a bucket?

It is better to grow monkey tree varieties that are not hardy in the bucket right away so that you can overwinter them frost-free. If the Araucaria is grown in a bucket, you will need to repot it occasionally.

It's time for a new planter when the previous pot is completely rooted. Repot in spring or early summer.

Prepare a slightly larger pot by filling it with fresh substrate. Shake off the old soil before placing the monkey tree in the new container. Water frequently. Don't fertilize in the first few months after repotting.


The ideal soil for monkey trees is water-permeable and slightly acidic. Too calcareous and too warm soils lead to brown needles. Also, the soil should not be too rich in nutrients.

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