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The zigzag shrub grows quite slowly and is also easy to cut. It is therefore very suitable for breeding as a bonsai. What you need to consider when caring for a zigzag shrub as a bonsai.

The zigzag shrub is a good choice for bonsai cultivation

Slow growth and good tolerance to cutting

Zigzag shrubs are distinguished by their slow growth. In addition, the shrub tolerates pruning very well, so that it can easily be kept as a bonsai.

  • Zigzag shrub grows slowly
  • well tolerated by cuts
  • easy-care
  • can be cut at any time
  • Wiring is possible
  • must be overwintered frost-free

Make a zigzag shrub into a bonsai shape

The zigzag shrub naturally has an interesting growth form, as the shoots grow in a zigzag. It can be brought into all upright, bushy forms. The cascade form is also possible.

You do not have to cut the shrub regularly. If shoots have become too long and disturb the shape, you can always use secateurs. If you want to grow a cascading shape, you can easily wire the zigzag shrub.

How to care for zigzag shrubs as bonsai

It is important that you only fertilize the zigzag shrub until flowering and again after flowering. If he is fertilized in the meantime, he throws off his flowers. Fertilizing will also be stopped from autumn. Is fertilized in fourteen-day intervals with a special bonsai fertilizer.

Water zigzag shrubs with care. Waterlogging causes the roots to rot. If it gets too wet, the shrub will also drop its leaves. Watering is only done when the surface of the substrate has dried. You should always pour out excess water immediately.

Repot and prune roots annually at first

Repot young zigzag shrubs that you want to cultivate as bonsai every year for the first few years. When doing this, prune the roots to restrict growth even more.

The zigzag shrub looks very pretty in a planter. The bonsai likes to spend the summer outdoors on the terrace or balcony.

Since zigzag shrubs are not hardy, you must overwinter them frost-free in winter.


The zigzag shrub flowers from April to June. The flowers are yellow and grow out of the base of the leaves. The red fruits of the zigzag bush are also very decorative, but must not be eaten.

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