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The zigzag shrub comes from New Zealand and is an extremely decorative ornamental plant for terraces and balconies due to its appearance. If you want to grow several of these pretty shrubs, simply propagate them yourself. This is how the propagation of a zigzag shrub works.

In the spring, cuttings of the zigzag shrub can be cut

Propagation via cuttings

The zigzag shrub is quite easy to propagate yourself. All you need is a healthy mother plant to take cuttings from.

Cut cuttings in spring

The best time to take the cuttings is early spring. Prepare pots with potting soil.

Cut off less woody shoots 10 to 15 centimeters long. Remove the lower leaves and insert them into the substrate.

Care for cuttings properly

  • Prepare seed pots (16.68€).
  • cut cuttings
  • remove lower leaves
  • Set pots moderately warm
  • keep moist but not wet

In order for the cuttings of the zigzag bush to take root quickly, put the pots in a bright, but not sunny place. The temperature at the site should be around 15 degrees.

Keep the soil sufficiently moist. The cutting should be neither too wet nor too dry.

As soon as new leaves appear on the cuttings, plant the young zigzag shrubs in pots with normal potting soil. You must not fertilize the little plants during the first period.

The right plant substrate

Normal garden soil is sufficient. You can also use potting soil from the hardware store. To keep the substrate nice and loose, you should mix in some sand or gravel. This avoids waterlogging, which the zigzag shrub does not get at all.

The soil should always be slightly moist. Water only when the surface of the substrate has dried a little. In summer, the zigzag shrub needs more moisture than in winter or in the months with little light.

Put the zigzag shrub outside in summer

The zigzag shrub is generally not hardy. Young shrubs that you have propagated yourself are particularly sensitive. Only put the young plants outside when the temperature has risen to 15 degrees. Avoid exposure to strong sunlight. In general, the zigzag shrub grows better in partial shade.


Zigzag shrubs are also very popular as bonsai because of their slow growth. They hardly need to be cut. If you want a cascade shape, you can also wire the zigzag bush.

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