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Easy to care for but quite old-fashioned, that is sometimes the image of the rubber tree. It is a very attractive and decorative houseplant. It can be kept quite well in hydroponics, which makes it even easier to care for.

The switch to hydroponics is not easy

How do I convert my rubber tree to hydroponics?

Transplanting a previously soil-grown rubber tree into hydroponics is not easy. On the one hand, the size of the tree plays a certain role, because a two meter tall rubber tree is not so easy to handle. On the other hand, careful work is required. It is essential that you thoroughly remove all soil residue from the roots of your rubber tree so that the transplant can be successful.

It is best to rinse with low-lime water. Then place your rubber tree in a special inner pot for hydroponics and fill the container with expanded clay (€19.73). By gently tapping the pot on a solid surface, you distribute the clay evenly between the roots. Water your rubber tree rather little, especially in the beginning.

Growing a cutting hydroponically

Growing a cutting hydroponically is a lot easier than transplanting an old gum tree. Cut the cutting as usual and transplant straight into hydroponics for rooting.

How do I take care of my hydroponic rubber tree?

Since the rubber tree in hydroponics cannot draw nutrients from the soil, you must supply them with fertilizer. Add some commercial liquid fertilizer or special hydroponic fertilizer to the irrigation water about every two to four weeks.

The water level should be kept to a minimum so that the roots of your rubber tree get enough oxygen. If the water level indicator is permanently at maximum, the roots could rot. However, you can definitely make an exception for your annual leave.

Gum Tree Hydroponic Tips:

  • Conversion not easy
  • better immediately grow cuttings in hydroponics
  • low water level in planter
  • Maximum of water only in exceptional cases
  • choose a location that is as bright as possible


If you are new to hydroponics, it is best to buy a rubber tree that has already been hydroponically grown. Alternatively, you can pull a cutting in a corresponding manner.

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