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Spathiphyllum, better known in this country as a single leaf or, more rarely, leaf flag, is a popular houseplant for rather shady locations. The plant, which is very distinctive with its dark green, shiny leaves and eye-catching flowers, comes from the tropical rainforests of South America, where it thrives in the light shade of the great jungle giants. So that the single leaf also feels comfortable in your home, you should create similar conditions there with consistently warm temperatures and high humidity.

The single sheet needs air that is as moist as possible

Einblatt has brown leaf tips or brown leaves

If your single leaf shows brown leaf tips or even gets completely brown leaves, the much too dry room air is usually to blame. Especially in winter, when the windows are only opened briefly and the heating is on all the time, the tropical plant is often too dry. Ensure a higher level of humidity by spraying the single sheet regularly and briefly airing it several times a day. In summer it is of course an advantage if the windows are open all day. Incidentally, brown leaf tips are sometimes accompanied by an infestation by the red spider or spider mites, which prefer dry air and high temperatures.

Solid leaves have brown dots or spots on the leaves

However, if the single leaf has brown spots on the leaves, this often indicates over-fertilization. In this case, repot the plant in fresh substrate and fertilize less often. For a sufficient supply of nutrients, fertilizing with a liquid complete fertilizer at intervals of about two weeks is sufficient - but only during the growth season, because the single leaf also needs a break during the winter.


Furthermore, brown leaves are often an indication of a location that is too sunny - place the plant in more (light) shade and it will feel happier.

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