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A cypress gives every garden a slightly Mediterranean touch. But not everyone has the space to plant a cypress as a tree or hedge. Cypresses can also be well cared for in pots or tubs on the balcony or terrace. How to grow a cypress tree on a balcony or patio.

Cypress may only be overwintered outside in mild winters and on sheltered balconies

Plant cypress in a tub or pot

Choose a large enough pot or bucket that has several drainage holes at the bottom so that the irrigation water can drain away. Be sure to insert a drainage made of sand, pebbles or quartz sand (€15.85).

Fill the pot with coniferous soil and plant the cypress.

The correct location for the bucket

Cypresses like it warm and sunny. However, the plants should not be placed directly in the hot midday sun on the balcony, as the tips will then turn yellow and wither. Too much draft is also harmful.

How to care for cypresses on the balcony and terrace

Make absolutely sure that the root ball never dries out completely. Waterlogging is just as harmful as drought. Water the cypress on the balcony or terrace regularly, whenever the surface of the substrate has dried out. If possible, use rainwater.

In contrast to cypresses in the garden, you should fertilize a cypress on the balcony regularly. Special fertilizers for conifers are suitable for this, which you add to the irrigation water at intervals of several weeks during the growth phase.

Plant species that stay slender and don't grow as tall so you don't have to prune the cypress as frequently.

Overwinter cypress on the balcony

Potted cypresses are not hardy. On a sheltered balcony you can keep the trees outside in winter.

Place the pot on an insulating pad and push it directly against the wall. Wrap the tree in burlap, sticks, or other permeable materials. Don't forget to water the cypress even in winter.


A popular variant of the cypress for the balcony is the lemon cypress. It rightly bears its name, because with every breath of wind a light lemon scent settles over the balcony. This scent also escapes when the leaves are crushed.

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