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Cypresses not only cut a fine figure as a hedge or solitary tree in the garden. The pretty conifers can also be grown very well in pots to provide a Mediterranean flair on the balcony or terrace. What you have to consider when caring for the cypress in the bucket.

Cypresses need a big enough pot

The right pot for the cypress

The right pot should be at least twice the size of the root ball. Since cypresses do not tolerate waterlogging at all, the tub must have at least one drainage hole so that excess water can drain off.

The pot should be deep enough for you to put a drainage layer underneath. This will prevent the roots of the conifer from getting too wet. For the drainage layer, materials such as

  • pebbles
  • coarse sand
  • perlite

A good location for cypresses in tubs

Even if cypresses prefer sunny locations, you should make sure that a cypress in a pot is not exposed to direct midday sun for too long. The tips of the needles can burn and turn brown.

Place them in a location where it is very bright and the trees will receive morning and evening sun. In addition, the site should be somewhat sheltered from the wind.

Cultivate cypress in the pot

In order for the cypress to thrive well in the pot, it needs a little more care than outdoors. In addition to regular watering and fertilizing, it should be repotted at least every two years.

Watering is always done when the substrate has dried up. Rainwater is best suited as irrigation water. In warm summers, you may need to water several times a day.

Cypresses are fast-growing and therefore need a lot of nutrients. Feed them with a liquid conifer fertilizer every two to three weeks during the growing season. In winter there is no more fertilization.

Overwinter potted cypresses frost-free

Cypresses are not hardy in pots. They must be overwintered frost-free at a minimum of five and a maximum of ten degrees.

On protected balconies, cypresses can overwinter in buckets outside if you cover them well and place them in a sheltered place.


Cypresses tolerate pruning well, even if they do not tolerate cutting directly into the old wood. They can also be cut into shape in the tub or cultivated as bonsai.

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