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In their homeland of the Mediterranean, California and other sunny, warm regions, some cypress species reach a height of 30 meters. In our latitudes, cypresses do not grow as tall as the climate is less hospitable. Nevertheless, a cypress can grow to a stately height.

Cypress trees can reach an impressive height

How tall does a cypress tree grow in the garden?

In the garden, the cypress can easily grow up to ten meters high. With hedges, care is taken to ensure that the trees do not shoot up too much. Cypress hedges are usually between two and four meters high.

Cypresses are very fast-growing

In a favorable location with a good supply of nutrients, cypresses grow particularly quickly. The annual increase is between 40 and 70 centimetres, both in height and in width. There are even species that grow up to one meter per year.

Pruning the cypress can also stimulate growth. Regular pruning ensures that the trees grow denser and do not bare as quickly at the bottom. This is particularly important when protecting cypress hedges from view.

Limit the height of a cypress hedge

Cypress hedges should usually not be that high, but should be nice and dense. Therefore, limit the height of the hedge by regular pruning.

Even if the hedge has not yet reached the desired final height, you should cut it once a year. Cut back the top shoots by a third. The pruning should be between 20 and 40 centimeters.

At first, unsightly interfaces can be seen. However, these are quickly covered by newly sprouting side branches. By pruning, you stimulate further branching of the cypress.

How tall can a cypress be?

Do not let the cypress grow too tall as a single tree or hedge. Each municipality has regulations regarding the height of individual trees in the garden or cypress hedges if they grow close to neighboring properties. To be on the safe side, find out in advance.


Due to their rapid growth, cypresses are also known as "neighbors' fright". Maintain a sufficiently large planting distance to neighboring properties so that your neighbor does not feel disturbed by a hedge that is too high or a single tree.

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