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Cypresses are fast-growing and robust trees, which usually also keep a very slender shape. They are therefore well suited to be grown as bonsai on the terrace or indoors all year round. What you have to consider when caring for a cypress as a bonsai.

Cypresses are excellent as bonsai

Proper care of bonsai cypress

  • pour
  • fertilize
  • to cut
  • repot
  • hibernate

When keeping a cypress as a bonsai, proper care plays an important role. In addition to regular pruning, the trees need sufficient water and fertilizer.

Watering is always done when the substrate in the pot has dried up. The roots should never dry out completely.

During the growth period from April to September, you should supply the cypress with a special bonsai fertilizer according to the instructions.

Cut cypress as bonsai

Cypress trees can be cut into a variety of shapes. The cloud shape is particularly popular. To achieve the desired figure, make a template or put a wire mesh over the tree. You can cut along this when cutting back.

Basically, you can cut the cypress as a bonsai at any time. Before and after the growth phase, a strong pruning should be on the agenda. Remove individual protruding branches or diseased twigs continuously.

Wire very upright branches into the desired position. Don't pull too hard to avoid breaking the branches.

Overwinter bonsai frost-free

In the pot, the cypress is not hardy, especially when it is still very young. You must overwinter your bonsai indoors. Place the cypress in a cool conservatory or by an unheated north- or east-facing window.

From March, slowly get the bonsai used to higher temperatures again. Now is also the right time to repot.

Cut back the roots when repotting. This will ensure that the bonsai cypress gets a thicker trunk, but does not shoot up quite as quickly.


For bonsai care, cypress species are primarily chosen, which do not grow that large in nature and are characterized by a slender shape. Well-suited species are Arizona cypress, Arizonica cypress, golden cypress and Monterey cypress.

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