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Thanks to its diverse attributes, ornamental apple is a popular multi-season woody plant. With magical spring blossoms, magnificent foliage and edible fruits, Malus hybrids offer a wide range of uses. You can find out what these are here.

Ornamental apples can also be planted as a hedge

Decorative reception committee in the front yard

In the creative front garden, a decorative apple as a shrub and standard tree welcomes your guests in perfect form at any time of the year. Since it is limited to a maximum height of 400 to 600 cm, a bright, open appearance is retained. Combined with bed roses, lavender, daylilies and monkshood, there is always something for the viewer to discover.

Protection from prying eyes as a hedge

If you are flirting with a privacy hedge, which, in addition to its function, is of impressive ornamental value, you will find ornamental apples. Thanks to their robust pruning tolerance, majestic Malus hybrids as hedges keep the desired shape over the years. These varieties are particularly suitable for this type of use:

  • Evereste: The first choice of a crabapple variety for the impressive flower and fruit ornamental hedge
  • Professor Sprengler: An excellent choice as part of a loose, mixed natural hedge
  • Dark Rosaleen: Impresses with a height of up to 700 cm, semi-double flowers and wine-red fruits

Please plan the late winter months of January and February as the date for the central shape and maintenance cut. At this leafless time, the incision can be made particularly precisely.

Shade dispenser on the balcony

Placed in the tub next to the seat on the balcony, a crabapple shrub filters the sunlight. For this purpose, primarily use the magnificent dwarf varieties 'Tina' and 'Pom Zai'. With a maximum growth height of 150 cm, these beauties do not burst the dimensions even after years.

Fruity ingredient in the nature-loving kitchen

The close botanical relationship with the garden apple gives us another possible use. Since ornamental apples are all edible, you can use them to conjure up tart-fruity jam, sour jelly and invigorating syrup. Varieties with relatively large fruits, such as 'Golden Hornet', can even be eaten fresh from the tree.


Thanks to its furious spring blooms, bonsai friends have taken the ornamental apple to their hearts. First and foremost, Japanese malus hybrids have mini-tree potential, such as the adorable dwarf variety 'Pom Zai'. All other small-fruited ornamental apple species are also suitable for this ancient garden art, such as Malus floribunda and Malus hallianda.

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