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Leeks don't always have to end up on the dinner table. The ornamental onion is less known for its good taste. It impresses with its violet, white or pink flower balls, which are enthroned high on a straight stem. How do you plant it?

Ornamental onions are planted in autumn

When is ornamental onion planting time?

The bulbs of the ornamental onion, which are commercially available, should be planted in the fall. Then they sprout in spring and bloom in early summer. The ideal period for planting is between the end of September and the end of November. On the other hand, sowing should only take place in the spring.

How to plant the onions correctly?

Before you just put the bulbs in the ground in any way, you should know that nothing will come of the plants. The bulbs are planted three times as deep as they are tall. That means, on average, they get between 20 and 25 cm deep into the ground. Planting them in small groups is ideal.

Do not plant soft, shriveled or even moldy bulbs! Nothing will come of them! They rot and don't sprout. The leek bulbs should be plump and firm. Their color is usually cream.

Which location is suitable for the ornamental onion?

The ornamental onion prefers to be in the blazing sun. Only a few varieties also grow well in partial shade. Basically, the larger the bulb, the sunnier the location should be. It can be in a sheltered location: otherwise, the long stems run the risk of snapping over in strong winds.

Which floors increase his well-being?

The top priority with regard to the soil is that it is permeable. The ornamental onion tolerates absolutely no waterlogging. The following aspects continue to have a positive effect:

  • airy and loose
  • calcareous
  • nutritious
  • if loamy, mix in sand

Which plant neighbors are suitable?

If you have decided on a low-growing ornamental onion, you can socialize it with the stonecrop, for example. Smaller ornamental grasses also look good next to or behind. Yarrow and summer sage are suitable as plant neighbors for high-growing ornamental onion species. The following plant neighbors are also suitable:

  • phlox
  • catnip
  • bed roses
  • lady's mantle
  • lavender
  • Magnificent cranesbill
  • coneflower
  • aster

When does the ornamental onion bloom?

The ornamental onion usually blooms in May. Its flowers can be admired until June. Only a few species already present their flowers in April. Rarely, there are also species that bloom into autumn. Either way - after flowering, care should not be neglected!


When buying the bulbs, make sure that they are hardy varieties!

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