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The summer asters, which originally come from China and are related to the well-known asters, are not perennial but only annual and therefore have to be planted or sown every year. But what needs to be considered and what is important?

The summer aster prefers to be in the sun

Does the summer aster like to grow in full sun?

The summer aster likes a location in full sun. She likes it light and warm. But a location in the semi-shade can still be an option for them. Furthermore, it is important to offer her an airy rather than a protected place.

What properties should the floor have?

The soil at the location also plays a significant role. It doesn't matter whether you plant the summer aster in the bed or in a pot or in the balcony box. It is important that the soil is permeable. Furthermore, it should be as follows:

  • fresh
  • nutritious
  • slightly damp
  • humic to sandy-loamy

When do you sow the summer asters?

Between March and May is the optimal period for sowing the summer asters. If you decide to start growing at home, you should start between March and April.

Direct sowing outdoors is possible from mid-May (summer asters do not tolerate frost). If you do not have space for the preculture at home, you can also prefer the plant in the cold frame or greenhouse.

How do you go about sowing?

To get robust plants, germination temperatures between 11 and 15 °C are perfect! The seeds are placed in twos or threes in a pot. The sowing depth should not exceed 1 cm. Keep the substrate moist! On average it takes 2 to 4 weeks for the seeds to germinate.

When and how does this plant flower?

Summer asters usually bloom in midsummer, i.e. from July. The flowers are pink, red, white, yellow or purple in color. The flowering period can last until October if wilted flowers are removed regularly. After the flowering period, the annual plant does not need any care and can be disposed of.


When sowing, don't forget to separate the seedlings later to 15 to 25 cm!

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