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It looks fantastic and impressive, the sweetgum tree. Whether with its majestic size and wide crown, its strange fruits or its motley autumn leaves - this tree is something very special. But how do you plant it properly?

The sweetgum tree should be planted in a location that is as sunny as possible

In which location does the sweetgum tree grow best?

The location should be sunny to full sun. In the blazing sun, this tree develops the most beautiful autumn colors of its leaves! A location in partial shade can form the tolerance zone. It is also advisable to value a wind-protected location. The sweet gum does not like draughty locations.

What demands does the plant have on the soil?

You should also meet your demands on the floor. The sweetgum tree wants a deep underground and can also grow in a large tub. The soil should have the following characteristics:

  • acidic pH (ideally around 6)
  • humorous
  • loamy
  • never condensed!
  • permeable
  • nutritious
  • low in lime
  • slightly damp

When is the ideal planting time?

Ideally, you should plant the sweetgum tree when its growing season is coming to an end, but there is still no frost. That would be the case in early autumn around the end of September. The tree then has enough time to take root before the first frost. Alternatively, you can also plant it in October and November or then in spring.

Is the sweetgum better individually or together with other plants?

One could hardly dream of a more beautiful solitaire. The sweetgum tree looks best on open lawns, in parks, in courtyards, in woodland gardens, and in home gardens. He looks great standing there alone. But it can also be combined with other plants such as rhododendrons.

How do you sow the sweetgum tree?

Sowing this tree is not recommended. It is difficult on the one hand and time-consuming on the other. The seeds first need a warm and humid period. After all, they have to move to the refrigerator for about 2 months in order to finally be sown again at cool temperatures of around 12 °C.


Since the sweetgum tree needs a lot of space (crown diameter of up to 4 m), you should ensure a generous distance to other plants and objects!

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