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You should preferably create a beech hedge in late autumn. Choose a favorable day for this. Why autumn is the best time to plant beech hedges and which day is particularly favorable for planting.

Late autumn is the best time to plant a beech hedge

The best planting time for beech hedges

The best time to plant a red beech hedge is late autumn. The soil then contains sufficient residual moisture so that the beech trees do not dry out.

This applies above all to bare-root beech trees, which are generally delivered and planted in autumn.

If you buy balled beech trees, you can plant the hedge until May. However, with balled trees there is a high risk that some will not grow properly.

You can plant container beeches all year round

You can also buy the beech trees for a beech hedge in containers. However, this has its price. But the benefits are great.

Container beech trees can be planted all year round, except perhaps in midsummer or in winter when the ground is frozen. These trees almost always grow.

A favorable day for planting

If you plant the beech hedge, choose a favorable day. It is good if it has rained heavily beforehand so that the soil is nice and moist. The ideal day is:

  • dry
  • Frost free
  • not too sunny

The day itself should be dry and above all frost-free. Temperatures around five degrees are ideal. The sun should not blaze too hard from the sky.

Do not forget to water the beech hedge well afterwards so that the roots do not dry out under any circumstances. You should only fertilize the young beech trees in the coming spring.


Bare-rooted beech trees for the hedge must be watered for a few hours before planting. Once the roots have soaked up water, they won't need quite as much moisture later on. This will make them grow more reliably.

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