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Beech trees are very popular in the garden, because they can be used to create decorative, opaque hedges. The deciduous trees often carry their leaves until next spring, so that they also offer privacy in winter. Tips for planting beech hedges.

If the plants are very small at the time of planting, it will take several years before they form a dense hedge

Which location is ideal?

Red beech hedges prefer a mild climate. They thrive particularly well in sun or partial shade. Too shady and windy locations are not suitable for beech hedges.

What should the soil be like?

The humus substrate must not be acidic. Good permeability prevents waterlogging.

When is the best planting time?

The best planting time is late autumn. If necessary, you can also plant a red beech hedge until May. Then you have to water the hedge very well on a regular basis.

How do you plant a red beech hedge correctly?

  • Mark out the course of the hedge
  • Dig up the planting groove
  • create drainage in damp soil
  • Improve soil with mature compost and horn shavings (€32.93).
  • Don't plant red beeches too deeply in pairs
  • Pour in the earth and tread carefully
  • Tie red beeches to a stake
  • Water the beech hedge thoroughly

The planting groove should be about 40 centimeters deep and about 30 centimeters wide.

What planting distance must be observed?

The ideal planting distance in the hedge is 50 centimetres. The distance to houses and sidewalks should be several meters so that the roots do not cause any damage later.

When do beech hedges bloom?

Beech hedges rarely flower because the inflorescences are removed when they are cut. Basically, the first flowers only appear after about 20 years.

Flowering time is from late April to early May. Any fruits ripen in September and October.

Can beech hedges be transplanted?

Transplanting beech hedges is not recommended. If the trees have been growing at the previous location for a long time, you can hardly get the roots out of the ground undamaged.

How do you propagate a red beech hedge?

Red beeches can be propagated by seed or cuttings. For sowing you need beechnuts, which you can collect in the forest. Cuttings are best cut in spring.

Which plants do beech hedges get along with?

European beeches get along well with hornbeams or copper beeches. Other plants don't do well near a beech hedge because the roots stretch far and pull all the nutrients from the soil.

Are beech hedges poisonous?

In particular, the fruits of the common beech, the beechnuts, are slightly poisonous. However, since a hedge rarely bears fruit, the risk of poisoning is low.

Are beech hedges evergreen or deciduous?

Beech hedges often look evergreen because they carry the foliage until next year. But the red beech is summer green. The leaves are no longer cared for in winter and hang brown and dry on the trees.


Red beech hedges are very easy to care for. It is important to cut back twice a year. Older beech hedges hardly need to be watered or fertilized.

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