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A hornbeam is not particularly expensive. It depends on how tall the sapling is and how it is to be delivered. It also plays a role whether you buy the plants by mail order or prefer to buy them locally.

Hornbeam prices vary depending on design and size

The price depends on various aspects

How much a hornbeam costs depends on how the tree is delivered. The following criteria play a role here:

  • Bare root hornbeam
  • Hornbeam as a ball plant
  • Hornbeam in container
  • size
  • topiary
  • Purchase by mail order or on site

Bare root hornbeams are the cheapest. They need to be watered well before planting.

Hornbeams are most expensive in containers. They are often already cut to size and are supplied as columnar hornbeam. If you want to put a hornbeam in the garden as a single plant, you should accept the price of around 7 to 8 euros (as of August 2016).

Buy hornbeams for hedges

Hedge plants are usually sold in packs of 10 or 50. They are between 40 and 70 centimeters high and are delivered in bales. The price per hornbeam is then between one and two euros. (as of August 2016).

Buying hornbeams by mail order or on site?

Hornbeams are available very cheaply by mail order. However, this also has disadvantages. High shipping costs are often added. You cannot inspect the trees prior to purchase and must rely on the seller's description.

Mail order nurseries offer hornbeams at a slightly higher price. In return, they often give a growth guarantee and replace trees that have not grown. Many of these providers advise their customers via forums or post care instructions online.

The highest price is for a hornbeam in the local nursery. Here you have to put double or triple on the table. You will receive good advice from experienced experts. If a tree does not grow, there is a replacement. If you have a problem, most nurseries are happy to come to your home.


The cheapest way to get a hornbeam is to propagate it yourself from seeds or cuttings. It's even easier if you dig up an offshoot in the forest and plant it in the garden.

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