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Hornbeam hedges are among the low-maintenance hedges in the garden. The plants are robust and only need a lot of attention in the first few years so that they form a dense hedge. Tips for proper care of a hornbeam hedge.

The most important maintenance measure for the hornbeam hedge is pruning

When is it necessary to water hornbeam hedges?

After the hornbeam hedge has been planted, it must be washed in well. In the first few years and in very dry summers and winters, it is necessary to water them so that the roots do not dry out as much as possible.

Older hornbeam hedges have roots that are so long that additional watering is only necessary when it is very dry.

How are the hedges properly fertilized?

Hornbeam hedges are undemanding. Fertilizing is only necessary in the first few years. Later, the trees take care of themselves through their long roots.

The last fertilization takes place in late summer. Don't fertilize in autumn, because the hedge will then sprout again and the new shoots will not tolerate frost.

How often does a hornbeam hedge have to be cut?

In the first few years, a hornbeam hedge has to be cut very often so that it branches well and becomes nice and dense. It is thinned out up to six times a year and brought to the desired height and width.

Mature hedges are trimmed twice a year, with a heavy pruning in early spring and a lighter topiary from late June.

Can a hornbeam hedge be transplanted?

In the first few years, a hornbeam hedge can sometimes be replanted. The older it is, the more difficult it becomes to get the roots completely out of the ground. It is therefore better not to transplant older hedges.

What diseases and pests can occur?

  • mildew
  • leaf spot fungus
  • Hornbeam Spider Mites

Regular pruning and avoiding too much wet or dry conditions prevent diseases and pests.

Does a hornbeam hedge need protection in winter?

Hornbeam hedges are hardy and do not actually need winter protection. However, to prevent the soil from drying out, covering it with a layer of mulch is recommended.


In the first few years after planting, the hornbeam hedge needs some attention. Once it's properly established and nice and dense, you can pretty much leave it to its own devices. The hedge then only needs to be trimmed twice a year.

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