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Hornbeams are real trees, but they make a wonderful hedge. Hornbeam hedges can be cut very narrow, so they take up little space. The distance that must be maintained within the hedge and to the neighbor plays an important role.

The correct planting distance is important so that the hornbeams have enough space later

The right planting distance in the hedge

In a well-established hornbeam hedge, the ideal planting distance is 50 centimetres, i.e. two plants per meter.

  • Planting distance in the hedge: 50 centimetres
  • Distance to buildings: 50 to 100 centimeters
  • Distance to neighboring properties: observe municipal regulations

Some gardeners plant three or more hornbeams per meter when planting in order to seal the hedge more quickly. Later, however, the surplus hornbeam trees have to be cut out again, otherwise the plants will crowd each other too much.

What distance to buildings must be maintained?

Unlike the common beech, the hornbeam, which belongs to the birch family, is deep-rooted. The roots do not run just below the surface. So there is little risk of them lifting floor slabs, damaging masonry or denting utility lines.

You can therefore place a hornbeam hedge close to a wall or sidewalk. However, keep enough distance so that you can also cut and maintain the hedge from behind.

A distance of 50 centimeters from walls and fences is generally sufficient.

Plant hornbeam hedges right next to the fence

If you want your garden to be particularly dense because you keep your own animals or want to drive rabbits out of your garden, you can also plant a hornbeam hedge without a gap in front of a metal fence.

The fence will grow into the hedge within a few years. Of course, you can also use the fence as a hedge border and regularly remove the protruding shoots.

However, care is a little more difficult if you want to rejuvenate the hornbeam hedge. Shortening unbranched shoots is more complicated. You have to do this work regularly, otherwise the hornbeam hedge will be bare at the bottom and no longer be nice and tight.


The required distance from hedges such as the hornbeam hedge is regulated in the municipal code. If you are unsure, before planting, check with your local council for planting distances from neighboring properties or local sidewalks.

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