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Beeches tolerate pruning well. Of course, this also applies to the beech hedge. If the hedge has grown too tall or has not been trimmed for a while, trim it to the desired height. What you should consider when trimming beech hedges.

The best time for a radical pruning is early spring

The right time to shorten

A radical pruning of a beech hedge should only be carried out in early spring, before the beech trees sprout. Then the trees recover very quickly.

Heavy pruning of beech hedges is only permitted from September to March. During the summer months, birds breed there, which would be disturbed by the cutting.

Shorten the beeches on a day when it is at least five degrees warm and the sun is not shining too strongly.

Gradually trim hedges that are too high

If the beech hedge has become very high because it has not been trimmed for a long time, proceed step by step when trimming. The hedge then stays nice and tight.

Shorten them by only about a third in the first spring. In the second year it is the turn of the second third and in the third year you cut the beech hedge to the desired final height.

This is how the beech hedge becomes nice and straight

  • Tension the guide line (7.13€).
  • cut the sides first
  • Finally trim the top of the hedge

To ensure that the beech hedge is really straight, it is advisable to stretch a guide line over the entire length. You can use this as a guide when cutting.

Start by shortening the beech hedge on the sides. Finally, cut off the upper branches.

Prefer to cut beech hedges at an angle

Many gardeners cut their beech hedges straight at the top. That's not cheap. It is better to cut the hedge at an angle so that it tapers upwards.

On the one hand, the sunlight reaches the lower parts of the plant better. The beech hedge will then not bare so quickly.

On the other hand, a sloping hedge shape prevents the branches from breaking off under the weight of snow in winter.


The pruning of the beech is an ideal fertilizer. Chop the branches into small pieces and you can use them as a mulch layer for the beech hedge itself or for other beds.

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