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Copper beeches are among the most decorative deciduous trees that are native to our latitudes. The tree, which can live up to 300 years, is easy to care for if you consider a few things when planting.

A copper beech grows very large - this should be considered when planting

Which location is suitable for the copper beech?

Copper beeches like it sunny to semi-shady. The location does not have to be protected because the tree is robust and weatherproof.

What should the plant substrate be like?

  • Slightly humorous
  • a little damp without waterlogging
  • slightly calcareous
  • permeable
  • pH between 5 and 7.5

How big should the planting distance be?

As a single tree, the copper beech needs a lot of space around it. The tree should be at least five meters away from other plants so that it really comes into its own.

When planting as a hedge, the minimum distance is 50 centimeters.

When is the best planting time?

The best planting time is autumn, in October or November.

What should be considered when planting?

You should always plant a larger copper beech in pairs. Dig a sufficiently large planting hole and insert the root ball straight.

While one person holds the tree straight, the second fills in the dirt and kicks it down.

A plant stake prevents the tree from growing crookedly in the first few years.

Can the copper beech be transplanted later?

A younger copper beech can sometimes still be transplanted. The older the tree, the more difficult it is to get the roots out of the ground. Transplanting is therefore not recommended.

When does the copper beech bloom?

The copper beech flowers for a few weeks from the end of April. The fruits ripen in September and October.

How are blood beeches propagated?

Propagation is by sowing beechnuts or by taking cuttings. This requires a tree that grows in the wild and has not been pruned for a long time.

Can the copper beech be grown as a bonsai?

Copper beeches are very popular as bonsai. They are very easy to cut and only need to be repotted regularly.


If you plant a copper beech in the garden as a decorative deciduous tree, remember that the beech roots spread widely. Keep sufficient distance to neighboring properties, house walls and sidewalks.

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