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Why buy more copies when you already have one? The propagation of the gold paint is completely uncomplicated with just a little background knowledge. Here are 2 methods of propagation explained step by step!

Gold lacquer is best propagated by seeds or cuttings

Method number 1: sowing

You can start sowing in early summer. Gold lacquer does not tolerate frost well, especially in the early stages of its development. Therefore, between May and July is the ideal time for sowing.

You should only start earlier if you sow the seeds in the cold frame or greenhouse. In the greenhouse you can sow the gold lacquer from March. The advantage: With such an early sowing, the plant often blooms in midsummer of the same year.

Spread seeds flat and wait for germination

The seeds are spread flat in the ground. It would be optimal to cover them with soil three times the seed strength. They are dark germs. Moisten the soil and don't let it dry out in the following weeks! The seeds germinate quickly at a soil temperature between 17 and 20 °C.

Separate and cut the main shoot

About four weeks later you can separate the plants. This is roughly the case when there are already two pairs of leaves. From a size of 10 to 15 cm you should cut off the main shoot. As a result, the gold lacquer branches better and grows more densely.

Method number 2: cuttings

When propagating cuttings, you will get pure offspring:

  • do after flowering
  • Select a 10 cm long shoot (use clippings from the pruning if necessary)
  • Shoots should be healthy, semi-ripe, not woody, not flowering
  • remove bottom leaves
  • put in a pot with potting soil
  • keep moist and cover with plastic bag
  • plant out in autumn

In not uncommon cases he sows himself

If you do not cut off the flowers and thus do not prevent seed formation, you give the gold lacquer the chance to sow itself. The seeds will germinate in the summer and the flowers will appear the following spring.


Attention: In the first winter you should cover the young gold lacquer plants, as they are not very hardy!

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