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Laurel roses (Kalmia latifolia) are not often seen in our gardens. The ornamental shrub enchants every garden with its beautiful white and pink inflorescences. The plant is only conditionally hardy, but survives frost with good winter protection.

The root area of the laurel rose should be protected in winter

Grow laurel roses in a sheltered spot

Light frosts do not bother the laurel rose much. It is different if the plant is in an unprotected place, which is swept away by icy winds in winter.

Find a favorable location for the laurel rose so that you can grow it in the garden all year round for many years:

  • sunny to semi-shady, but light
  • in front of walls
  • in sinks
  • next to hedges or deciduous trees

You can also plant laurel roses as a hedge. The shrubs then give each other some winter protection.

How to protect the laurel rose from severe frost

In extremely cold storms, the laurel rose is only partially hardy. You should therefore provide additional winter protection in the fall, since you do not know in advance whether the winter will be mild or frosty.

Cover the soil with a thick layer of mulch. Mature compost, autumn leaves, straw or several layers of fir branches are suitable for this.

You should protect the aerial parts of the laurel rose from cold winds with reed mats or brushwood.

Young laurel roses need extra winter protection

Very young laurel roses, planted only in the fall, suffer from the cold in particular. In the first year after planting, you should also protect the shrubs from sub-zero temperatures with foil or fleece.

Overwinter laurel roses in tubs

If you do not have a suitable, sheltered spot in the garden, simply plant the laurel rose in a bucket. It does not become so expansive and is therefore well suited for keeping in buckets.

The shrub is easy to overwinter in a pot. In winter, place it in a sheltered spot on the patio or in a bright, frost-free basement. Don't forget to water the shrub in and out to keep the soil from drying out completely.

If you overwinter the laurel rose in a pot outside, place wood or polystyrene under the pot and wrap the plant in foil.


The laurel rose is not suitable for gardens with children and animals. Unfortunately, the evergreen shrub is poisonous in all parts of the plant.

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