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Despite their name, tomatillos are not tomatoes but belong to the physalis family. However, in terms of planting and care, tomatillos are not very different from tomatoes. The fruit vegetable can be grown for several years if it is overwintered frost-free. Planting tips.

Tomatillos need a sunny spot

Which location do tomatillos prefer?

  • Sunny
  • warm
  • sheltered location
  • Rearing in beds or tubs

What should the plant substrate be like?

Tomatillos prefer nutrient-poor soil. A peat-sand mixture is well suited, which should be sterilized before planting to kill germs.

When is the best planting time?

The non-hardy tomatillos are only allowed outside after the ice saints.

How big should the planting distance be?

The planting distance should not be less than one meter in the bed. If the tomatillos are grown in tubs, they are planted individually.

Do tomatillos need climbing aids?

The plants grow best if you plant them on a trellis. Alternatively, stretch a line over which you simply lay the fruit-bearing branches across.

Is it worth giving preference to tomatillos?

It takes up to 70 days for the fruit to ripen. It therefore makes sense to prefer the plants under glass or on the windowsill from February.

The seed has sprout inhibition, which is overcome by steeping it in chamomile tea. The swollen seed is then sown immediately.

The small plants have to be pricked out several times and often repotted once.

When is harvest time?

The first flower, the so-called royal flower, is pinched off when the plant is to branch out extensively.

The fruits are ripe 50 to 70 days after pollination. The plant is self-sterile. So you always have to keep two plants. It may be necessary to pollinate yourself using a brush.

The tomatillos are ripe when the seed shell, which is typical for physalis, is bulging and bursts open.

How are tomatillos propagated?

Propagation is by seeds. However, this is very complex. It is therefore better to purchase seeds from garden retailers.

What plants do tomatillos get along with?

You should plant tomatillos individually and not in a mixed culture.


Unlike tomatoes, for example, you don't have to exhaust tomatillos. A bushy growth habit is desirable. You should only cut the side shoots from the main stem if you want to harvest particularly large fruits.

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