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In this country it is rarely found as an outdoor plant. It is much more a popular and easy-care green plant for living spaces. And yet it is worth multiplying them, for example to create your own little 'jungle oasis' at home. But how can you multiply the Aralia?

There are several ways to propagate the Aralia

Cut cuttings and plant in the ground

Spring is the best time to propagate cuttings. For example, you can use the shoots that were used as clippings when pruning the aralia. It is important that the shoots are at least 8 cm long. 10 to 15 cm is better.

The lower leaves are removed with your hands. Then prepare several pots with potting soil (it is advisable to grow several cuttings, as not all of them always root). You can put one or more cuttings in each pot. Then moisten the soil!

Covering the pots with a plastic bag prevents the soil from drying out too quickly. In addition, since the humidity is higher, the cuttings root faster. A warm room temperature between 18 and 23 °C and light (but no direct sun) are also decisive for rooting. It can take 4 to 12 weeks for rooting.

Sow the seeds

When handling seeds that you can buy commercially, you should keep in mind that they too are poisonous. Also note that the seeds quickly lose their ability to germinate.

The best time for sowing is in autumn. How to proceed:

  • Fill bowls or pots with potting soil
  • Sow seeds 2 to 3 cm deep (dark germs)
  • Moisten the substrate and keep it moist afterwards
  • place in a bright, warm place (20 °C are ideal for germination)
  • repot from a plant size of 5 cm

Use root cuttings to propagate

Furthermore, you can propagate a healthy aralia that does not lose leaves with the help of root cuttings:

  • in late summer to autumn
  • dig up roots
  • cut off a long root.
  • Cut the root into 6 cm long sections
  • Plant sections in soil
  • keep moist


You can also use leaf cuttings for propagation. However, only choose fresh and healthy leaves!

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