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Anyone who thinks grass is boring has never seen ornamental grasses. They come in a wide variety of colors, with bushy flowers all winter long and giants that can grow up to 5 m tall! But it is not always easy to keep track of the numerous varieties and select the right one.

There are countless types of ornamental grass

Wintergreen to evergreen ornamental grass

Would you like an ornamental grass that also looks beautiful in winter and decorates the garden? How about the evergreen Japanese sedge, hanging sedge, blue fescue grass, bear fescue or silver spike grass? They reach an average growth height of 70 to 150 cm.

Ornamental grasses for keeping in tubs

If you don't have your own garden, you can still plant ornamental grasses, for example on the balcony, terrace or at the entrance to the house to welcome guests. The following hardy ornamental grasses are suitable for keeping in buckets:

  • blue fescue
  • Fox Red Sedge
  • Japan sedge
  • bearskin fescue
  • garden moor grass
  • Pennisetum grass

Ground-covering ornamental grasses

The ground-covering ornamental grasses are particularly suitable for beds, background areas, slopes and embankments as well as larger areas, for example in the rock garden. They include, for example:

  • riding grass
  • angle sedge
  • millet
  • Japan sedge
  • palm frond grass
  • red ray bush

Shade-tolerant ornamental grasses

Most ornamental grasses prefer sunny to partially shaded locations. Very few can get by in the shade. The most shade-tolerant species include:

  • Bronze hair curler
  • mountain sedge
  • grass hair grass
  • giant sedge
  • Japan sedge
  • Yellow-green garden sedge

Ornamental grasses that are suitable as privacy screens

Many ornamental grasses become true giants. They should not be underestimated as a privacy screen. The best known is probably the bamboo. It is best to only plant with a root barrier as it has a strong urge to spread.

But the Chinese reed also reaches considerable growth heights of up to 2 m. Elephant grass, pampas grass and giant reed are also among the giants among ornamental grasses. Whether as a solitaire, for example in the front yard on the lawn, next to the garden pond or in the middle or in the background of the perennial bed - they catch the eye.


The most popular ornamental grass species include pampas grass, Chinese reed, fountain grass and sedges. You can't go far wrong with this selection.

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