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Although umbrella firs are largely considered undemanding in terms of care, yellow needles can occur, which fundamentally spoil the overall appearance. The plant looks sick, but what is behind it?

Yellow needles can result from stress

The umbrella fir suffers from drought

One of the main reasons why the umbrella fir gets yellow needles can be drought. Umbrella firs need a moist substrate and do not tolerate drought. Did you water too little and were there periods of heat? Then don't be surprised by yellow needles… Especially when the umbrella fir is in a bucket, it should be watered regularly.

Indication of a nutrient deficiency

The second main reason for yellow needles is a nutrient deficiency. The umbrella fir can lack the following nutrients:

  • Potassium: Deficiency often in sandy-dry soils
  • Nitrogen: Add peat to the soil so that nitrogen can be bound better
  • Phosphorus: Supply with fertilizer containing phosphorus

rot in the root area

Furthermore, a yellow needle dress can be caused by rot. This is caused by moisture in the root area that builds up over a long period of time. This often occurs in heavy and loamy soils. Prevent by adding humus or sand to the soil when planting.

Stress-related yellow needles

Stress can also lead to yellow needles. Stress arises for the umbrella fir, for example, from too much sun and the associated heat in summer. The direct midday sun in particular can damage it.

In addition, a replanting campaign, severe frost and a pest infestation mean stress for the umbrella fir. Spider mites sometimes appear on pests. They like to colonize young specimens in particular. They suck on the underside of their needles, causing them to turn yellow.

Immediate action against the yellow needles

Depending on the cause behind the yellow needles, you should now take one or more of the following measures:

  • cut off discolored parts
  • mulch soil
  • fertilize with fir fertilizer (rather less and more regularly)
  • pour copiously
  • check for spider mite infestation
  • spray from above when hot


If yellow needles appear after transplanting, this may be due to a lack of water. The root area was reduced by digging. As a result, the umbrella fir can then absorb less and less water.

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