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As a rule, the leaves of the laurel on the plant have a rich green colour, which only gradually fades when they dry after harvesting. Brown or yellow leaves on the actually evergreen plant usually indicate a problem with the plant health.

Yellow leaves on the laurel indicate a problem

Proper measure of watering laurel

For the right watering intensity for the laurel, you should be aware of its origins in the Near East and the Mediterranean. Even if the root ball of laurel should never dry out completely, daily watering should also be avoided as part of ideal care due to the associated waterlogging. A sandy substrate in the pot and a year-round watering rhythm of about once a week should enable a good harvest of the aromatic leaves of the laurel. In principle, if irrigation errors are suspected, the root ball of a laurel tree can be dipped and then put on a dry diet for a few days without a saucer.

Overwinter the spice laurel properly

The discoloration and falling off of the leaves can also indicate that the laurel has been overwintered incorrectly. The window sill is rather unsuitable as a winter quarters for a laurel bush, better is an only partially protected place with winter temperatures from just below freezing point to a maximum of about 10 degrees Celsius. The laurel should definitely be overwintered brightly and watered sufficiently. Late wintering and early wintering protects it from diseases related to spider mites and scale insects.

Nutrient deficiency and site problems with laurel

Bay laurel usually grows well in a sunny location with well-drained, humus-rich soil. Yellow or brown leaves can sometimes indicate an iron or nitrogen deficiency. Help against:

  • the replacement of the top layer of soil in plants in pots
  • the economical use of organic liquid fertilizer based on molasses
  • the gift of compost and herbal soil


If the leaves have fallen off after spending the winter outdoors, you don't need to give up hope just yet. Laurel trees that are supposedly dead often sprout again after a while.

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