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The Chilean araucaria (Araucaria araucana), also known as ornamental fir, monkey tree, scale fir or, because of its origin, as Andean fir, is a relict of the Cretaceous period from around 90 million years ago that seems extraordinary to us. The Andean fir is one of the oldest tree species in the world. The araucaria, which was almost exterminated in its South American homeland, is also often cultivated in gardens or tubs in this country.

The Andean fir is a very old tree species

Which location does the Andean fir prefer?

Araucarias prefer a sunny, warm and wind-protected location. The ideal soil is slightly acidic, moist, lean and has a high proportion of sand. When planting, make sure that the tree does not have to be replanted later.

Can the Andean fir also be cultivated in a bucket?

Yes, araucaria can also be cultivated very well in tubs. However, you should also make sure that the tree should not be repotted later - ergo, if possible, choose a large bucket when planting.

How much water does the Andean fir need?

The Andean fir needs constant humidity to feel good. At the same time, however, she does not tolerate waterlogging.

When and with what should you fertilize the Andean fir?

Araucarias that have been planted do not usually need to be fertilized. Container plants should be supplied with a liquid, organic complete fertilizer about every two to three weeks.

Can you cut the Andean fir?

Araucarias should not be pruned, as they will not sprout again from the pruned area. Should a cut be necessary, it is best to cut back directly on the trunk. No stubs should be left behind.

How can the Andean fir be propagated?

Araucarias can be propagated very well from seeds. Please note that this is a cold germ, the seeds of which should first be stratified.

Is the Andean fir susceptible to certain pests and diseases?

The Andean fir is very robust, but quite sensitive to waterlogging. This can cause a fungal infection, which usually always leads to the death of the tree. In winter frost and winter sun, the tree dries up very quickly because it can no longer absorb water.

What to do if the Andean fir turns brown?

If the araucaria turns brown, this is usually a sign of drought - especially in winter.

Is the Andean fir hardy?

The rustic tree is not hardy and should therefore only be cultivated in pots in cold regions. However, if the location is right, the araucaria can also be planted out.


When planting, make sure that the tree, which can grow up to 15 meters high, has enough space both in height and width and is as far away as possible from walls, roofs and other plants.

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